What are the best treats for cats?

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If you live with a cat at home, surely you have in mind to offer him, more or less frequently, a prize because he behaves great, knows how to do a trick or, simply, he is adorable. But the truth is that there are so many options that it is difficult to choose the best one.

In this AnimalWised article we are going to review what are the best treats for cats of any age or condition. We will also remember that prizes do not always have to be edible, so read on to find out how else you can reward your cat.

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  1. How to choose the best treat for a cat?
  2. The best treats for cats
  3. Other treats for cats

How to choose the best treat for a cat?

In our review of which are the best treats for cats, we start with all those edible products intended for occasional consumption or, albeit daily, in small quantities. In other words, they work as a supplement to the diet. For a good choice, follow these recommendations:

  • Read the label. Pay attention to the list of ingredients, but also to the fine print, that is, check what recommendations for use and administration the manufacturer offers. In this way we make sure that it is a suitable prize for our cat.
  • Look for naturalness, that is, the composition is "normal ". By this we mean that the ingredients have to be few and recognizable. For example, chicken, tuna, turkey, etc. Avoid long lists and avoid additives.
  • Never go for ingredients like sugar. Cats have no need to introduce it into their diet, on the contrary.
  • Be careful with the milk. Not all cats tolerate it and can suffer digestive disorders.
  • The awards should never exceed 10% of the amount of calories the cat should consume per day. Otherwise we would be promoting weight gain.
  • Finally, the normal thing is that you have to try several to find the prize that drives your cat crazy. Buy small formats, at least until you figure out which one is his favorite. This way you prevent it from spoiling or having to throw it away.

The best treats for cats

After reviewing the general recommendations to choose the best treat for your cat, let's see below which are the most recommended treats within the wide variety that exists:

Cat cookies

We start with what are perhaps the best known edible prizes, the so-called cookies or snacks, which are small size and hard consistency, in general, since we can find for sale options with creamy filling, while the exterior is more or less crunchy.

There are tons of varieties for cats of all types, as well as different flavors. This versatility makes them an essential option to consider if you are looking for the best treats for cats. This type of format, being small in size, is usually easily ingested by cats and serves both to give them a treat from time to time and for training. Yes, some cats manage to learn different tricks and the rewards will work like a encouragement and positive reinforcement that will encourage them to repeat the rewarded behavior. For more details, don't miss this article on How to train a cat.

These prizes are easy to store and generally keep in good condition for long periods of time. If you prefer, you can also make a homemade version with the recipe that we share in this video:

Bars for cats

Another of the outstanding edible prizes are the so-called bars or sticks. They are usually marketed in small or easily fragmented portions. They are also easy to consume and easy to preserve. The consistency is variable, with which we can find harder or more flexible bars. Like cookies, there are different flavors and varieties to suit all types of cats. We include them in the review of the best prizes for cats, in addition, because they also serve for specific prizes or for learning sessions.

Pastes for cats

This point includes those edible prizes that present a fundamental difference with cookies and bars, which is their soft consistency. At this point, pasta, creams or even sauces are included. In the first case, the malt pastes. Maybe not all caregivers mentioned them when listing which are the best treats for cats, since they offer it to the kitten more as a medicine to promote correct digestive transit than as a reward. But the truth is that they could perfectly cover the reward function by meeting the basic requirement of the awards, which is that the cat likes it. Obviously, if the cat does not want it, we cannot consider it a prize.

These pastas are found in different varieties and flavors. They are given to the cat directly by putting a small amount on our finger or it is deposited on one of its front legs for the cat to ingest it by licking itself. Although they can be used as a one-time reward or for learning, it may be more difficult to offer the pasta at those times.

On the other hand, the creams, which are also presented in different varieties, can be given the same as pasta or put a small amount directly in the feeder. Finally, sauces also offer a smooth consistency, but are often used more to moisten dry food, adding them on top. In that case, it would be a prize more oriented to offering a special meal..

Treats for special cats

In this list of which are the best treats for cats, one must take into account an important fact such as the consistency or the method of administration of the chosen product. It is about the characteristics of the cat itself. Thus, we can find varieties depending on their age, such as treats for baby cats or for senior or elderly cats..

There are also prizes for cats with health problems, for example, for those with diseases that affect the urinary or gastrointestinal system, obesity, bad appearance of the coat, stress, oral problems, etc. Keep in mind that these types of treats are not drugs, they will not cure the cat no matter how much you give them. In these cases, you must always follow the veterinarian's recommendations..

Other treats for cats

Having reviewed which are the best prizes for cats, we end by pointing out other types of rewards they do not necessarily have to be edible. For example, you can reward your cat with the following:

  • Catnip or catnip- The favorite plant of many cats can be kept at home and offered as a treat. There are seeds for sale to plant, but it is also possible to choose toys with this aroma that, literally, are capable of driving our cat crazy. Discover the Properties of catnip in this article.
  • GamesNot only with toys with catnip, any object is a potential toy for our cat. Paper balls or cardboard boxes are used for what will matter most to our cat, that is, that we have a good time with him. In addition, this is how we help to keep you in shape. In this other article we share 10 games to entertain your cat.
  • Massages: for pampering dogs, a few minutes of relaxing caresses can be an excellent reward that, in addition, will reinforce our bond with them, especially if we choose a time when the cat is receptive, we caress their soothing areas and we stop as soon as he shows signs of unease. Know all these details in How to stroke a cat.

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