What is the best muzzle for dogs?

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The muzzle is a accessory for dogs which may be necessary in certain situations, however, when we talk about dogs that must carry it on a daily basis, it is essential to ensure that it is a quality, safe muzzle that favors the dog to feel comfortable with it. In addition, it will be essential that we work this tool well so that the dog does not show signs of stress or anxiety when using it..

In this AnimalWised article we will explain what is the best muzzle for dogs, showing you all the types that exist in the market and detailing their pros and cons. We will also talk about when a dog should wear a muzzle or how to accustom a dog to wearing a muzzle.. ¡Do not miss it!

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  1. When should a dog wear a muzzle?
  2. Cloth or nylon dog muzzle
  3. Muzzle for basket or mesh dogs
  4. Brachycephalic dog muzzle
  5. Loop, training or anti-pull muzzle (halti)
  6. Comfortable muzzles for dogs
  7. How to choose a muzzle for a dog?
  8. How to accustom a dog to wear a muzzle?

When should a dog wear a muzzle?

The dog muzzle It is mandatory to use for those considered potentially dangerous dogs, that is, those that are classified as such in the BOE or Official State Gazette (Spain), however, it can also be an essential tool for those professional canine trainers who carry out sessions of behavior modification with dogs exhibiting aggressiveness, coprophagia, or other behavioral problems that may require the use of a muzzle.

However, the dog should not be muzzled permanently (except when prescribed by a licensed specialist, such as a veterinarian or professional canine trainer), to treat separation-related disorders or as a method of punishment. Nor should we muzzle our dog at home without supervision, as we could generate a serious picture of stress and anxiety in the dog..

Cloth or nylon dog muzzle

The first muzzle we show you is known as "cloth muzzle ", "nylon muzzle " or "closed muzzle ". At first glance it may seem more comfortable, light and aesthetic than other types of muzzle, however, we recommend using it only in an emergency or on very specific occasions.

Unlike other types of muzzle, this model does not allow the dog to pant, something essential so that you can regulate your body temperature. Remember that dogs do not sweat, but expel body heat through panting, a physiological mechanism of the body. Another drawback of this muzzle is that the dog can't drink water eating or barking, thus increasing stress levels and favoring the appearance of heat stroke in the dog, a very serious veterinary emergency.

While it is a muzzle very economical, We must be aware of its disadvantages, which directly affect the health of the dog. Avoid using it for walks, physical exercise or any other lasting activity and get it if you are only going to use it in very specific circumstances.

Muzzle for basket or mesh dogs

This second muzzle is known as "basket muzzle ", " mesh muzzle "or " basket muzzle "and can be made of many different materials, from metal to plastic. Unlike the cloth muzzle, the dog will be able to gasp, drink, and even receive rewards with him on.

It is especially indicated for those dogs that must use it regularly, such as "potentially dangerous dogs " (American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Stafffordshire Bull Terrier ...) or those with behavioral problems.

This muzzle is easier to positivize than the previous one, since it is more comfortable, which will help the dog to better tolerate its use. In addition, it is a lot safer and more resistant, especially if we choose a good quality one.

Brachycephalic dog muzzle

Surely you have ever heard of brachycephalic dog breeds, such as the Boxer, the Pug, the French Bulldog or the Dogue de Bordeaux among others. These dogs are characterized by having a round skull and a flattened snout that offers them a very unique appearance. However, this characteristic does not only affect their appearance, but also predisposes them to suffer health problems, generally related to breathing.

Precisely because of this condition, it is essential that we dedicate time to look for a suitable muzzle, Although it is not always easy to find it, as muzzles for molosser and brachycephalic dogs are not available in all shops. It may be interesting to review specialized stores or online stores to find them.

Once again highlight the importance of choose a basket muzzle above those made of fabric that do not allow the dog to pant properly, because especially in this case we can cause serious health problems.

Loop, training or anti-pull muzzle (halti)

Surely you have ever seen this type of "muzzles ", however, it is important to note that not a muzzle, but a tool to prevent the dog from pulling on the leash. Like the anti-pull harnesses, the "loop muzzle " or "training muzzle " is annoying for pulling dogs, making them walk more relaxed. However, it should be taken into account that it may be annoying for the dog, as it limits the natural movements of the dog during the walk.

Likewise, it should also be noted that the halti muzzle does not teach the dog to walk without pulling, because for proper learning, training sessions should be carried out that encourage the dog to learn to walk without pulling.

Comfortable muzzles for dogs

Designed for those dogs that must use the muzzle on a daily or very regular basis, some brands sell padded muzzles, that make its use more bearable. Likewise, some people decide to fix foam or other materials in the upper area for this..

How to choose a muzzle for a dog?

As we have explained previously, basket muzzle is the best that we can acquire, because it allows panting, the dog to drink water and even that we can reward him with snacks for dogs if we are working. In addition, the mesh muzzle is without a doubt the safest.

Take note of the following characteristics that a good muzzle for dogs should have:

  • Resistant
  • Sure
  • Good materials
  • Appropriate for the breed
  • Comfortable

How to accustom a dog to wearing a muzzle?

Finally, we could not ignore one of the most relevant aspects when using a muzzle: making the dog associate it in a positive way and don't try to take it off. For this we will use positive reinforcement, either through awards, caresses, kind words or congratulations. ¡Anything goes!

Before starting to use it on a regular basis (except in those cases where it is mandatory or prescribed by a professional) we must work a minimum of two weeks looking at canine language to make sure that our dog tolerates it or, on the contrary, feels uncomfortable.

Also discover in AnimalWised how to accustom a dog to the muzzle step by step, as well as handling errors and tips to encourage you to associate this tool in a positive way.

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