Do you think a mother can handle everything? This short makes us reflect on Mother's Day

Oh, the mothers! There is nothing and nobody like them. They unconditionally love their children and care every day for their well-being, no matter how old they are. Sometimes we are unaware or unaware of everything that they are able to do for the care of their family.

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  • Obstacles and housework
  • The importance of collaborating at home
  • When is mother's day celebrated
    • These are the countries that, just to Spain, celebrate it on the first Sunday of May

Overflowing mothers

Mother is the name of this classic and oriental style short film by Studio Kokorosh, which has been going around the world for several years and taking with it many awards and recognitions. In it we can see a single mother overwhelmed of household chores and caring for her baby, so much so that she becomes faint thinking about everything she has to do.

Obstacles and housework

In just 5 minutes we are shown a mother "trapped " by the obstacles and arduous housework, that he has no help from anyone, not even his older children, and this makes him become a "ghost". Thus, their children have to try to find a way to help their mother so that she can be happy at home and not so overloaded with work.

The importance of collaborating at home

A very inspiring short with a powerful message that emphasizes the importance of collaborating at home and work as a family as a team. Thus avoiding that a single person, be it the father or the mother, carries all the responsibility of carrying out all the household chores and, therefore, falls into a deep exhaustion and unhappiness. Can a mother with everything?

When is mother's day celebrated

The Mother's Day It is a festival that is celebrated in honor of mothers in almost all parts of the world, that is, at different times of the year depending on the country.

The first celebrations of Mother's Day date back to ancient Greece, where Rhea, who was the mother of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, was already honored. Years later the Romans called this celebration Hilaria when they acquired it from the Greeks.

It was celebrated on March 15 in the temple of Cibeles and offerings were made for three days.With the arrival of Christianity these celebrations were transformed to honor the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

These are the countries that, just to Spain, celebrate it on the first Sunday of May

 South Africa

Summary Article Name This short will make you reflect on the importance of valuing a mother Description Mother is the name of this oriental-style short film, which shows the story of a family whose exhausted mother has to face household chores. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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