Rabbit farming: how to breed rabbits (beginner's guide)

To satisfy the food demand of a growing population, we have to find different ways of producing food. 

The rabbit known as "Micro-Livestock " can be a great source of food production. 

There is a great opportunity for rabbit breeding and commercial production can be a great source of income and employment.

The rabbits they need a small place to live and less food to survive. 

The Rabbit meat contains a higher proportion of protein, energy, calcium and vitamin than any other type of animal meat. 

The amount of cholesterol, fat and sodium is also lower than in other meats.

His meat is highly irritable, nutritious and easily digestible for all seniors. 

And there is no religious taboo to consume Rabbit meat. Rabbits grow very fast and the female has 2 to 8 young at a time. 

They can eat very low-quality foods and turn these foods into high-quality meat, skin, or fiber.

The rabbit breeding can be a great source of income for the educated unemployed and landless farmers. 

Therefore, commercial rabbit breeding businesses they can be a great source to meet the demand for food or protein and a great source of employment. 

Here we describe the Advantages of Commercial Rabbit Breeding Business and the steps to get started.

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Advantages of rabbit farming

There are many advantages of commercial rabbit breeding business. The main benefits of the business of rabbit breeding are listed below.

  • The rabbits they are very fast growing animals.
  • Their feed conversion rate is better than that of other animals.
  • A doe can give birth to 2 to 8 pups at a time.
  • The rabbits can be raised in a short space.
  • Production costs are lower compared to other large animals.
  • The Rabbit meat it is very tasty, nutritious and easily digestible. All older people can eat without any problem.
  • There are no religious taboos on the consumption of rabbit meat.
  • In the case of the production of meat, rabbits are placed after poultry.
  • Kitchen waste, grass, plant leaves, etc. they are the rabbit's favorite foods. So you can raise a few rabbits for your family's needs, using these types of inexpensive and readily available products..
  • The rabbit breeding it requires less labor compared to other animal husbandry business. You can easily utilize your family's labor for a successful commercial rabbit breeding business.
  • The commercial businesses of rabbit breeding require relatively less capital and will recoup your investment in a very short period of time.
  • How is a highly business profitable, commercial production can be a great source of income and employment.
  • You can meet the nutritional demands of your family by raising a few rabbits.

People usually raise rabbits as pets. But raising them commercially can be a great source of income and a smart form of employment.. 

Annual demand for meat is increasing rapidly around the world. 

Right now, poultry, beef, and pork are controlling this huge demand. Commercial rabbit production can play a very important role in meeting this demand. So the rabbit farming business has a great opportunity.

How to start a rabbit farming business

The rabbits they are small animals. Therefore, it is very easy to start a commercial business of rabbit breeding. Make a proper business plan before you start. Here we describe the most important steps to start a commercial business of Breeding of rabbits.

Choose rabbit breeds

There's a lot rabbit breeds available worldwide. 

Among those races, Dark gray (domestic), fox, Dutch, New Zealand white, New Zealand black, New Zealand red, Belgian white, and chinchilla etc. are very productive and popular breeds. 

You can choose the breed suitable for your production, based on breed availability in your area.

Rabbit breeding method

Can start to raise rabbits both in deep bed and in cages. Here we describe more about these two types of augmentation methods.

Deep bed method:  This method is suitable if you want to raise a small number of rabbits. The concrete floor is best suited for deep sand systems. Make sheets of sand, hay, straw, or wood shavings 4 to 5 inches deep. In this method, you can raise a maximum of 30 rabbits in one house. Keep male rabbits in a separate room from the female. In the deep-bed system, the risk of disease is high. And sometimes, it can seem very difficult to handle the rabbit in this system..

  • Cage method: For commercial rabbit breeding companies, the cage method is the best. 
  • In this system the rabbits are kept in a cage, which is made of wire or iron plate. The cage system is very useful for raising a maximum number of rabbits. 
  • Maintain sufficient space and necessary facilities, within each cage. 
  • Keep male and female rabbits separate from each other. Keep them together in a separate cage during the breeding period. 


Feed intake rate and nutrient requirements vary, depending on age and type of rabbit breed. 

For one proper nutrition of adult rabbits, your meal should contain 17 to 18 percent crude protein, 14 percent fiber, 7 percent minerals, and 2,700 kilocalories / kg of metabolic energy. 

Green leafy vegetables, seasonal vegetables, spinach, carrots, muller, cucumber, green grass, and plant debris are common foods for children. rabbits

For commercial purposes, bird feed can be used. According to the provision of nutritious food, please supply them with sufficient amount of clean and fresh water according to their demand.


In general, rabbits they mature and are suitable for reproduction between 5 and 6 months of age. But don't use male rabbits for breeding purposes until they are one year old.. 

Doing this will ensure young rabbits quality for commercial production. Always try to use healthy rabbits with the proper body weight for breeding.

Never breed females, if they are sick. Take special care with breeding rabbits and pregnant females and provide them with nutritious food. 

The gestation period of the rabbits it is about 28 to 31 days. And every time a female can give birth to 2 to 8 children.


In some areas, marketing products of rabbit it's not that easy. So it will be better if you determine your marketing plan before you start.. 

You can try your local markets or the nearest town.

With proper care and management, you can get the most out of your business from rabbit breeding. Always try to take good care of your animals. 

Feed them quality nutritious food, keep your home clean, and buy healthy breeds to start with. Thus, you can make your rabbit breeding business highly profitable.. 

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