Deer farming: business information and beginner's guide

The deer farming business you have a great opportunity to earn a better livelihood and create good sources of employment. 

The deer It's one of the wild animals most beautiful in nature. And all kinds of people love them, especially for their beauty. 

The deer body it is covered in multiple colors. Since the deer is a wild animal, you can hardly see around you. 

Today, the world population is increasing rapidly and people are looking for new agricultural business ideas that can ensure food security and create a sustainable and profitable source of income.

The commercial business deer breeding you can be part of this. The deer is a wild animal and the population in the wild gradually decreases. 

Then, when raising deer commercially, we can generate a good source of income and, at the same time, we can prevent this animal form from becoming extinct. 

The deer products they are in high demand and have a high market value. But there are some problems with this lucrative business.. 

The commercial deer farming businesses they are not allowed by the government of some countries. So before plan the start of this business, contact the nearest wildlife service center and ask them if the commercial deer farming is allowed in your country or not.

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Wild vs domestic deer

In ancient times, people used to hunt animals to meet their daily food demands (not as a hobby or entertainment). 

If they could hunt or trap some animals, they used to kill some to satisfy their demands for food and keep the rest inside their home for the purpose of using the animals in the future.. 

Since then, human beings began to have wild animals with them inside their house. 

Between the wild animals Bounded by home, some species accepted the allegiance of humans and began to reproduce and live with them. 

Cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, horses, donkeys, and different types of wild birds are the common ones among those wild animals. 

Today, the deer it is also considered and raised as a domestic animal in some countries of the world. 

Deer farming it is very easy and very profitable, especially due to the high demand and rate of deer products in the local and international market. 

Humans and animals they need trees and forests to survive. 

As the number of forests and trees shrinks rapidly, the right place for the wild animals it is decreasing. 

As a result, it is very important raise some special species of wild animals like deer, to prevent them from becoming extinct.

Economic importance of deer farming

Commercial deer farming it is very profitable just like other livestock businesses. Deer meat is very expensive than beef, buffalo, goat, sheep, duck or chicken. 

Deer typically eat grass, leaves, or grain like other livestock such as goats, cows, or sheep.. 

So it is very easy to feed them. There are many good reasons why you should start a deer farming business. 

The main importance of deer farming business briefly described below.

  • The deer breeding is considered a symbol of nobility in some societies around the world.
  • You can become very popular and famous in your area in no time raising deer.
  • The deer breeding It is a great source of entertainment for all seniors, especially children.
  • The deerskin it is very precious. Rich people use fur to decorate their home. People make many valuable products with deerskin, and it is in great demand in the countries of America and Europe..
  • The male deer each year produces a pair of horns that has a very high value.
  • The deer meat it is very tasty and delicious. It is in great demand and high rate all over the world.
  • If you keep some deer within your property, they will enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Can start to raise deer, if you have the experience of raising cows, goats, sheep, etc. Deer farming is very easy like goat farming .
  • Diseases are minor in deer than in other livestock animals. By raising deer commercially, you can generate a sustainable source of income and employment. Unemployed educated youth can easily start this business.

How to start deer farming

Start a commercial deer farming business It is like starting any other cattle raising business. It is very easy and simple. We describe more about the startup process below..


The living place is very important for commercial deer farming businesses. In the wild, deer used to live under large trees or near any meadow.

 But if you want to raise them within your property, then you have to make them a comfortable and suitable house.. 

To the deer generally like high, dry places to live. 

So build them a house in a higher place and try to keep the house always dry. The size of the house depends on the amount of deer what do you intend to raise.


To the deer they generally like to eat grass, leaves, corn, grains, etc., like other livestock. Their eating habits are the same as those of goats, cows, sheep, and other herbivorous pets.. 

Can feed to the deer with grass, tree leaves, kitchen garbage, various types of corns or grains, etc..

also can feed them with granulated feed that is very healthy for them. 

In addition to providing nutritious food, ensure an adequate supply of fresh and clean water according to your demand.

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