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If you don't know how cut the hair of a Yorkshire And you don't want to take it to a dog groomer, look no further, because at AnimalWised we are going to explain everything you need to know about this topic. Apart from having a hypoallergenic coat, the hair of the Yorkshire terrier grows very fast and it is very easy to care for, so you can choose from a lot of hairstyles and cuts to do to your pet.

Find out what utensils you need, what you should take into account before doing it and how cut hair to a Yorskshire without the need to go to a specialized hairdresser, without leaving home and without spending money. Of course, if you do not get used to it from a very young age or your dog is very reluctant, in the end you will have no choice but to leave it in the hands of a professional.

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  1. What do I need to cut a Yorkshire's hair
  2. What to keep in mind before cutting a dog's hair
  3. How to cut a Yorkshire Terrier's hair
  4. Types of haircut for a Yorkshire
  5. When to cut a Yorkshire terrier's hair for the first time

What do I need to cut a Yorkshire's hair

The first thing you need to cut your Yorkshire's hair is to gather all the necessary material that you are going to use in the process and thus facilitate this task which, if you have never done it before and it is the first time, it may be a bit difficult:

  • Electric razor: there are several models on the market that will allow you to use one mode or another depending on the thickness and haircut you want and also, you will be able to reach certain delicate areas such as the paw pads without hurting or cutting your dog inadvertently.
  • Pair of scissors: apart from the electric razor, scissors are an essential element when cutting a dog's hair, since with them you can outline certain areas of the coat or cut the tips well. There are several models and types, but the most recommended are straight scissors to cut body hair and other smaller and curved scissors for the ears and face, which are more delicate areas..
  • Brush: there are several types of brushes for dogs in stores but you will have to take one that best suits the length of your Yorkshire hair to brush it regularly and another to help you cut its hair.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: After cutting your Yorshire's hair, it is recommended that you bathe him with a shampoo alone, or with a specific shampoo and conditioner for dogs in order to remove any loose hair that may have remained in his coat.
  • Hair dryer: once you have bathed your Yorkshire, you can dry its hair with a hairdryer quickly and comfortably without having to wait for its hair to dry in the wind but, above all, remember not to use an excessive temperature or power.
  • Glitter spray: if you want your Yorkshire to look perfect as if it were going to a canine beauty contest, you can use this shine as a complement after drying its hair to improve its appearance so that it shines even more.

What to keep in mind before cutting a dog's hair

Before cutting a Yorkshire's hair, it is important that you know some characteristics about its coat and its hair care:

  • The standard Yorkshire terrier usually has the medium-long smooth coat, It is prone to knots and accumulation of dirt and it does not have an undercoat of hair, so it is necessary to brush it at least every 2 days if we leave it long, and if we keep it short, once a week will be enough , but you have to be careful with tangles always.
  • The Yorkshire coat is easy to care for and maintain, but it is also hypoallergenic so it is ideal as a dog for those who are allergic since it loses little hair.
  • It is advisable to bathe a Yorkshire every 2 weeks In general, but as always, it all depends on the life your pet has and what it normally gets dirty. Of course, you do not have to bathe it a lot if it is not dirty because then it will lose its hypoallergenic properties that are in the dermis and its natural oils.
  • If you do not want to have problems when brushing and bathing your dog, it is better that you accustom him from a very young age to these activities so that he takes them as a good habit.
  • After cutting your Yorkshire's hair, it is advisable to bathe it by lathering it and rinsing it with shampoo twice and then applying the conditioner. And if it has a very strong tangle, you can put a glob of conditioner before bathing and leave it to act for 5 minutes, you will see how it unravels much more easily..

How to cut a Yorkshire Terrier's hair

If you want to cut your Yorkshire's hair comfortably, we recommend that you put a few towels that do not use much on a table and place your dog on top so that you can reach all areas well. Pet it to reassure it and do not make any sudden movements so that the animal does not get nervous or try to escape.

  • First of all, it is advisable to start cut loin / back hair first with scissors to cut it down and then with the electric razor to equalize it. Although Yorkshire hair is straight, use a little spray water and a brush to smooth it further and easily see what to cut..
  • Continue down the hind legs and cut your pet's hair carefully and always keeping the scissors pointed up so as not to accidentally cut it if it moves a lot.
  • Then he continues to cut her Yorkshire hair for neck, chest, belly, and front legs. You can use both the scissors and the razor to reduce and equalize it, whichever is more comfortable, but yes, it is better to use the electric razor for the pads of the feet and the belly area, so you make sure that you will not hurt it by mistake.
  • And finally we arrive at more delicate parts of your pet. To cut the hair of a Yorkshire's ears, inside and out, it is best to do it carefully with round-tipped scissors so as not to accidentally prick your pet. And to cut the hair of the eyes, the face and the head the same, very carefully. But it all depends on the style you want me to have.

Once you have finished cutting your Yorkshire's hair, as we have mentioned before, it is recommended that you bathe it to remove hair debris that they have left and apply shampoo and conditioner for an even prettier coat.

If you want your hair to dry quickly, use a hair dryer with a medium temperature and power, and a brush to brush your Yorshire's hair and make it much more defined.

Types of haircut for a Yorkshire

There are many types of haircuts for a Yorkshire and at AnimalWised we already have a specific article where we explain each and every one of them in detail but also, below we suggest a few so that you can decide which one you like the most and which one is with the one your pet feels most comfortable with:

  • Puppy cut: ideal for small dogs with a long coat. It involves cutting the tips of the animal's hair and leaving a maximum of 3 cm in length on its fur.
  • Westy cut: As its name suggests, this type of cut is reminiscent of those of the West Higlang White terrier and it is about leaving the hair of the body shorter than that of the face and head in general.
  • Schnauzer cut: it involves shaving the fur of the body and leaving the hair on the legs and head longer and leaving a visible beard, like that of Schnauzers.
  • Pekingese cut: Another style of cut as if it were another breed is the Pekingese cut that focuses on leaving the hair on the head and ears long to simulate the long and drooping ears of this breed of dog.
  • Water dog cut: For this cut you have to let the Yorkshire hair grow a little and do not use any utensil to straighten it as it should appear curly and frizzy, like that of water dogs.

In addition, of all these haircuts, you can always style your Yorkshire with clips, hairpins, small clips or hair ties to decorate it and change the style whenever you want.

When to cut a Yorkshire terrier's hair for the first time

If you have recently adopted a Yorkshire terrier puppy, you probably have some questions about grooming sessions.. ¿When to bathe a puppy for the first time? ¿When should you start cutting your hair? In both cases it will be prudent to wait until the puppy has finished the vaccination schedule and that your immune system is strong and stable. It is important to note that the coat helps the dog to regulate its temperature, both in winter and in summer, so an excessive cut when it is still developing and its immune system is weak can lead to it suffering from certain diseases.

About the 5 months, We will begin to observe how the Yorkshire terrier's mane begins to grow and even how the bangs get to bother him. At that time, when we consider that the haircut is really necessary, we can start cutting our yorkie's hair.

Before taking your puppy to the groomer or starting to cut a Yorkshire terrier's hair at home, you should positively associate manipulation and all the tools that you are going to use to prevent them from being scared, feeling uncomfortable or starting to show unwanted behaviors. This point is especially important, since the Yorkie will need regular grooming sessions throughout its life and it is important to start the right way..

You can introduce him to the tools while you reward him with snacks for dogs, take previous baths to get him used to handling or let him, from time to time, listen to the noise of the razor while you caress him. You will have to do some sessions until you make sure that your dog does not show fear or reactivity towards handling, tools or the situation in general.

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