Coexistence between cats and rabbits

The coexistence between these two animals may seem very difficult if not impossible, but nothing is further from reality, since the rabbit and the cat can become great friends, provided that the first steps in coexistence are taken properly and progressive.

If you are thinking of hosting these two animals under the same roof, from AnimalWised we give you some tips to make the coexistence between cats and rabbits.

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  1. With puppies it's always easier
  2. If the cat comes after...
  3. If the rabbit comes after...

With puppies it's always easier

If the rabbit is the animal that entered the house first, you can try to attack the cat if it is small, because the nature of rabbits it is hierarchical.

On the contrary, if it is the rabbit that enters the house with the presence of an adult cat, it is very easy for the cat to act based on its predatory instinct and consider the rabbit your prey.

On the other hand, if this first contact occurs when both animals are puppies, it is very simple for the coexistence to be harmonious, since they understand that the other animal is a companion, forming part of a new environment and a new dynamic. But hosting these two animals at the same time is not always possible, let's see how to act in the other cases.

If the cat comes after...

Although these two animals can have a great friendship, it is convenient do not force contact nor the presence, we must understand that regardless of when the cat has arrived, the rabbit is its natural prey.

In these cases it is advisable initiate contact from the cage, and no matter how small the cat, it is convenient that the bars are narrow enough so that the cat cannot insert its paws. It is also necessary that the rabbit cage is wide so that the cat can recognize and get used to its movements.

You must be patient as this period can last from days to weeks, and it is best to the contact is made in a way progressive. The next step is to allow direct contact of both pets in one room. Don't intervene unless absolutely necessary. Now, if the cat tries to attack the rabbit, spray it with a spray of water, quickly, so the cat will associate the water with its behavior with the rabbit.

If the rabbit comes after...

Rabbits are highly sensitive to changes and they get stressed very easily. This means that we cannot introduce you to the cat right away. It is necessary that the rabbit first gets used to its cage and the room where it will be and later to the house.

Once it has gotten used to its environment it is time to introduce the cat, the same precautions will be followed as in the previous case, first contact from the cage and later direct contact. If you have patience and are cautious, living together between cats and rabbits will not give you any problems, what's more, you can have two pets that have a great relationship.

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