Building this shower will not take you more than 5 minutes, and when you see who it is for, you will be surprised

Making your own shower at home is as easy as having a jug of water. You may think that it is not a big deal to make a mini shower with a carafe of water but when you see how happy this makes the birds you will think twice. If we have birds at home we can make their day in 5 minutes and with minimal effort.

With that we cut the upper part of the carafe and fit it back in the opposite direction, let's make a small hole in the cap and open a hole in the base we will have everything done. As easy as a cut over there and paste over here and drill holes here. The falling water has something that goes beyond what we simple humans can understand, because I drive birds crazy.

Cats and dogs, for example, also go crazy at the idea of ​​playing with water. With what little we can become happy humans and animals.

Covering the edges with electrical tape is a good idea in case there are edges that could inadvertently puncture. This is quite a cheap piece of portable happiness for little birds.

Whether or not you end up doing it at home, just because seeing this bird enjoy will make your day.

Source: The Wow

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