Tips for walking the dog in the rain

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Not all dogs react in the same way to rain, because while some enjoy rolling around in puddles, others experience a situation of general fear and stress, which in some cases even causes them not to want to leave the house. ¿How should we act then?

In this AnimalWised article we will explain how to walk your dog in the rain, offering you some cool tricks to give you extra comfort, but also what to do if your dog does not want to walk with rain or some health problems that can affect you if you do not take certain precautions, ¡keep reading!

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  1. Is it good to take the dog out in the rain?
  2. Waterproof Dog Clothes
  3. Related health problems
  4. My dog ​​is afraid of the rain, what do I do?
  5. What to do when it rains with your dog?

Is it good to take the dog out in the rain?

The walk is essential for our dogs, because in addition to socializing and exercising, this routine allows them to relieve yourself. We must not let the dog urinate or defecate inside the house, because in addition to being an unhygienic behavior it causes negative effects on its well-being, until the appearance of behavioral problems. Therefore, even if it rains, yes we should walk our dog, however, we will try to protect you from the cold and humidity with the methods that we will mention in the next section.

Waterproof Dog Clothes

Especially when we talk about heavy rain, protecting the dog will be highly recommended, even more so for puppies, sick animals or the elderly. In the market we can find all kinds of dog raincoats, more or less adapted to the cold, but all of them waterproof. We will look for one according to its size, comfortable, comfortable and that allows some freedom of movement.

There are also other options on the market, such as dog umbrella, However, certain utensils can become annoying for our dogs, so it is better to bet on a functional product rather than an aesthetic one.


Related health problems

The combination of water and cold it can cause the appearance of certain health problems, such as:

  • Cold: the cold in dogs is an infection that originates in the upper respiratory tract. The dog can manifest various symptoms, such as congestion, cough, malaise, fever and loss of appetite. It usually remits in a few days if we offer good care to the dog..
  • Pad problems: the continued humidity in this area of ​​the body can seriously damage the pads of our dog and favor the appearance of fungi and sensitivity. It will be essential to dry the pads thoroughly when you get home, as well as other areas of the body that may be wet, with the help of a towel and hairdryer if necessary..
  • Knots and tangles: it is common in medium-haired and long-haired dogs. Fortunately, there are many home remedies to detangle dog hair..
  • Dermis problems: Continued contact with water without any type of protection can eventually lead to dryness and skin problems for the dog. That is why it is so important to protect them.
  • Bad smell: It is totally normal for the dog to smell bad after coming into contact with the rain. The use of a raincoat or perfumes can help to avoid it, however, it is important to point out that we should not abuse the bathroom, always respecting a minimum of 7 days between washing.

If we observe the appearance of various abnormal symptoms in the dog, it will be advisable to consult with the veterinarian to explain the situation and go to the clinic if necessary..

My dog ​​is afraid of the rain, what do I do?

While not all dogs are scared or stressed by rain and thunder, many do. It is then that the crying and general anxiety that prevents them from going down to the street and walking normally.

In no case will we force the dog to go down or force him to leave if he does not want to, because uncontrolled exposure to the stimulus that causes fear can cause the condition to worsen and even new behavior problems appear, in addition to breaking the link with the dog. tutor.

Ideally, use positive reinforcement so that the dog associates the rain with tasty food, affection and a positive attitude on our part. We will encourage you to come down with dog snacks, small pieces of frankfurters or pellets of feed. However, if you still do not want to go down, we will stop insisting.

The ideal will be to work on the fear of thunder and rain with the help of a specialist so that, progressively, our dog stops experiencing anxiety, fear and inappropriate behaviors. Meanwhile, we can improve the environment with light, relaxing music, toys and recreational bones, for example.

What to do when it rains with your dog?

We end this article of tips for walking a dog in the rain by remembering that, even inside the home, we can spend great moments with our dog. We can take advantage of these situations to work and remember the basic commands for dogs, fundamental for their security and communication.

We can also perform mental stimulation exercises to keep your mind active, essential in adult and elderly dogs, as well as homemade smell games for dogs, encouraging the use of one of its most important senses.

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