Meet Tyrion, the Pit Bull who was rescued just before he could be run over

Every day hundreds of dogs, mostly abandoned, are run over. In fact, about 3,700 car accidents are recorded each year on Spanish roads where there is a dog involved.

Chilling data that should make us exercise extreme caution on the road, and act appropriately if an accident like this occurs, immediately calling a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic to proceed to attend to the injured animal.

The official rescue channel, Hope For Paws, received an emergency call from a dog of the Pit Bull breed that was prowling around a very dangerous road. Eldad Hagar and his team immediately moved to the area, finding the poor scared and injured dog wandering completely disoriented on the highway..

With great care so that Tyrion, which is how they nicknamed the Pit Bull, did not run away and run the risk of being run over, the rescuers approached him stealthily, in order to save him. In the end, they were able to tie him up to take him to the shelter, where he is currently recovering from his injuries favorably. In the next video you can see all the rescue.

Original: Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

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