Know The Best Accessories for your Cat

You little cat It has various priorities, therefore it is always essential to take into account some accessories so that they feel comfortable and happy, especially to cover their basic needs and entertainment

For example, Accessories such as a drinking fountain or litter box are essential for your cat's day to day, but it will also come in handy for your relationship with your cat to do it with a good scratcher or some toys. 

Following, we are going to show you the best accessories for your cat, some being essential and others recommended for the well-being and comfort of your kitten; ¿Excited?, let's start. 

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  • The Best Accessories for your Cat
    • 1. Feeder and Drinker
    • 2. The Sandbox
    • 3. Nest
    • 4. Identification plate
    • 5. Scraper
    • 6. Brush
    • 7. Water Source
    • 8. Cat Grass
    • 9. Toys
    • 10. Clothes for Cats
  • What other accessories does my cat need?

The Best Accessories for your Cat

The kittens just like humans; we need various objects to cover some needs, however if you don't know what accessories are the best for your feline or are you thinking of adopting one soon, then look at the following list. 

1. Feeder and Drinker

These two accessories are essential for feeding and hydrating your kitten, it will also be a place very important for your pet, since they love food and are very territorial. 

Remember, always keep them very clean, and try that they do not have any chemicals that could be harmful to your cat, you should also change the water regularly, so your feline will not reject it and avoid dehydration problems. 

If you have two or more kittens in your home, then you should have a feeder and different drinkers for yours cats, This way you will avoid disputes over food, and each one will have their space. 

2. The Sandbox

You can find different types of sandboxes in the market, but the important thing is to choose the one that you like the most little cat, you have to remember that it will be the place where the animal fulfills its needs. 

Therefore, it is very important that you feel comfortable, otherwise you could relieve yourself in unwanted places in your home., It is also important that you place the litter box in quiet and cool places for the comfort of your kitten.. 

Finally, you will have to change the sand at least once or twice a week, so the litter box will be ready whenever your kitty needs it. 

3. Nest

The nest for a cat it is very important for you little cat, since it will be the place where you go when you feel scared or nervous, You can get these in different shapes and sizes, similar to small beds.. 

As well, we recommend placing it in a high and quiet place, Also try not to disturb or approach them when they are in the nest, especially because they will think that it is not a place that they can be alone. 

4. Identification plate

This accessory can be quite simple, but it will come in handy if your kitty ever gets lost due to an outdoor adventure. 

A properly identified plate, with your name, contact numbers and address, could be the solution to reconnect with your little cat, also some modern plates come with a "Microchip ”, Able to give you the real-time location of your pet. 

5. Scraper

One of the ways to entertainment most loved by your kittens is the scratcher, This accessory is very useful for sharpening your nails and being able to play for a while. 

There are different types of scrapers, some quite large and some smaller ideal for tighter spaces, scratchers are also excellent to drain stress from your cat. 

6. Brush

The cats they have a lot of fur, therefore they can accumulate different types of dirt, especially if they have access to the outside. 

A good brush, You will be able to remove such dirt and accumulations of dead hair, We recommend brushing during changes of seasons, since at this time the shedding of hair occurs in your feline. 

7. Water Source

Water fountains for cats, can be a great idea to help your feline, Especially if it costs you a little more to drink water, since you will always have where to hydrate, in addition to avoiding possible forgetfulness or when you are away from home.

Also, the water fountains are very good for the general environment of the home, they are certainly very relaxing for both humans and cats..

8. Cat Grass

Do you want to see your kitten very happy?, the catnip and the catnip, They are excellent stimulants for felines, these can be placed on their scratchers or on a flat surface for the kitten to rub and enjoy the touch with the grass.

Many owners are surprised when they see the effects of catnip and catnip on their pets, So, when you go to give them to your kittens, do not be scared, this strange and cute behavior is totally normal..

9. Toys

You can never forget to get some toys for your kittys, you will find many models and even some with smart technology. There are no excuses not to play with your pet, since they can even play with ropes or balls.

The use of toys, not only entertains cats and decreases your boredom level, it is also great for rregulate your weight and keep them active, especially if your felines are of breeds that usually have overweight problems like shorthair or persian cats.

10. Clothes for Cats

Although, many feline lovers are against the clothes for cats, a small coat may not be a bad thing, remember that they have a coat to withstand cold climates. Therefore, you should only place them when the temperatures are really low and you notice that it is affecting your little cat.

What other accessories does my cat need?

In the previous list, we show you the cat accessories more essential and recommended for the well-being of your cat, however you can include objects such as water sources or some toys. 

Remember, we have other articles where you can learn to make a homemade scratcher, toys and even a litter box., What do you think is the accessory that your cat likes the most??, leave us your comment and go through our other articles about him feline world. 

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