Meet the most curious albino animals

Nature has its curiosities, if you think you have seen it all, you have to stop to meet such strange animals as albino crows, for example, if you put in Google: albino crocodile wikipedia you will find one of those strange animals.

This is knowledge that is good to have, because it will allow you to know a little more than others know, since not everyone can talk about animals like white crows.

In this article we are going to show you pictures that combine elements like albino animal, and it will seem amazing to you to know that these albino animals exist.

So don't stop and meet the animals albino, white the most curious.

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Albino crocodile

Crocodiles are normally green, so they blend in with the swamp environment to stalk their prey, albinism has produced spectacular creatures, almost science fiction, that they would not survive in the wild.

Lack of pigment in the eye changes the amount of light that enters the iris, leading to excessive exposure to brightness.

As a result, albinos of any species, including humans, may experience great sensitivity to light.

Albino hedgehog


The hedgehog is an animal belonging to the order of insectivores. It has 36 teeth and is about 10-15 cm in length.

The quills measure up to 2.5 cm. The face, belly and belly are the only parts of the body that are free of spikes and instead we find a soft fur.

If you do a Google search for Albanism wikipedia, you will find among the animals the albino hedgehog.

There are different varieties, including albino, which is much more sensitive to diseases, less fertile and its life expectancy is also shorter than the rest..

Albino moose

The elk is the largest deer in the world.

Usually, it is integrated by having a very dark, that makes him almost invisible among the dark woods of his forest.

However, this rare albino mix is ​​perfectly suited to snow forest in Northern Ontario, Canada..

However, once it melts Snow, this albino is unfortunately much more visible to its predators which significantly shortens its life expectancy.

Albino crow

In human consciousness, vultures and lyou crows they are imposing birds known for their charcoal-black plumage and allegory, often dark. 

Even though they appear in the legends, the white crows they don't really exist.

The lack of melanin, cause the black feathers to be replaced with a ghostly white plumage. 

Albino lion

The albino lions They are confused with the white lions that are occasionally found in the nature reserves of South Africa.

They are selectively bred in many zoos around the world.

According to African beliefs, this animal is divine and if it crosses your path it gives happiness.

Unlike albinos, the genetics of white lions have always been linked to that of normal lions.

But because it is a recessive gene, it is very rare for this type of lions to appear (that is why it was only seen for the first time in the 70s) and in the wild they cannot survive long, since for its white fur does not have the indicated camouflage that normal lions allow them to hunt without any problem.

albino tiger

 Like the lion, there are white tigers or bengal tigers that are confused with albinos even though they have nothing to do with.

Anyway, aesthetically they are just as impressive.

Albino whale


Albino marine mammals are not entirely unknown in the literature, thanks to the legend of Moby Dick, the great white whale.

The one in the image is a 14-meter whale, called albino humpback whale, one of the largest baleen whale species.

It was first seen off the coast of Queensland, Australia, in 1991.

Albino lobster

We tend to think of albino creatures as vertebrates, imagining animals like birds, mammals, fish, and even reptiles..

However, no creature is too small or primitive to get rid of the lack of pigment. This albino lobster is extremely rare.

Your pigment gene is absent, causing you to lack a melanin supply.

Albino peacock

The latest research in genetics has made it possible to understand and analyze the fact that occurred several centuries ago.

The crossing of a common peacock with a white peacock causes first generations of peacocks that contain hidden albinism factor.

The crosses between these exotic birds produce diverse generations composed of a quarter of white peacocks, a quarter of common peacocks and another half of peacocks containing a hidden factor of albinism..

Albino gorilla

Snowflake, is the only western albino gorilla documented in the history of biology, he was born wild in Equatorial Guinea in 1964.

He lived most of his 39 years at the Barcelona Zoo, in Spain, where a test revealed that his unique mutation was the result of consanguinity involving a female gorilla and a male who turned out to be his uncle..

Snowflake offers a unique insight into the human appearance of this incredible primate species. Unfortunately Snowflake died some years ago as you all know.

Albino snail

In early December hikers strolling in New Zealand's Kahurangi National Park were surprised to find a rare albino snail of which the following photograph was taken:

The explorers assure that they had already found incredible snails in the area due to their size, but always with the grayish-brown color that characterizes these gastropods..

Despite its striking appearance, especially attractive to predators of this species, scientists estimate that this albino specimen has survived at least 10 years.

Albino koala

Although it is true that the Koala is already a very curious and special animal and that it draws our attention, it must be recognized that the White Koala and the Albino Koala they are even more curious.

It is almost impossible to see any in nature, but it has been shown that in Australia it has been the case and there is an individual with this characteristic.

Have to know differentiate between a white and an albino animal. To know that a Koala is albino we can easily see that its nose is pink.

Via: Wikipedia, losmá

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