Learn the beautiful true story behind "Lava ", the latest Pixar short

You will soon see who this volcano is inspired by

Have you already seen the new Pixar movie Inside out ( "Inside out " in Spain and "Intensa-mente " in Latin America)? If you haven't done it yet, you are missing one of the best films of this study.

But it is not about this wonderful movie that we are going to talk to you today. but the short, also by Pixar, which is screened in cinemas before the feature film. We have seen many short films that leave us bittersweet sensations, or teach us how other people perceive reality, but I have to admit that Pixar's are my weakness.

The short film is called Lava and it tells us the love story of 2 volcanoes. Well, we are not going to go into whether this short is good or not (I honestly think Pixar has had quite a bit better) but if the real story in which it was inspired.

Covering the song Somewhere over the rainbow, originally written for the Wizard of Oz film in 1939, Lava takes us fully into the peculiar history of these 2 volcanoes.

This love story is a tribute to the famous Hawaiian singer named Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole, better known as Iz who took the sound of the ukulele around the world.

Iz was known for being a great activist for the human rights of Hawaiians and for denouncing the destruction of their cultural heritage due to mass and uncontrolled tourism..

Iz married his high school sweetheart Marlene. Sadly, the singer died at the young age of 38., due to heart problems derived from obesity.

Here we have the happy couple, Iz and Marlene

He was so loved on the island that his funeral was attended by more than 10,000 people and his coffin is in the Hawaiian Capitol, honor only reserved for 2 other people.

Years later, James Ford Murphy, director of the Lava short, visited the island on his honeymoon, learned about Iz's story and listened to some of his songs. He felt such a connection with the music of this man and with the region that he decided to pay him a tribute and from there the short was born.

One of IZ's best-known songs was his version of Somewhere over the raimbow, so it was chosen and rewritten to suit the story.. The 2 volcanoes were also created based on the physical features of Iz and his wife Marlene.

It is undoubtedly a tender story and that gives a much more transcendental meaning to the short.

Here we leave you a video with Iz playing the version that, years later, inspired the animated short:

Do not tell me that your hair does not stand on end just listening to it, the ukulele gives a very calm touch that is not even painted to the theme.

Source: Aweita

This article originally appeared in La Voz del Muro

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