Meet the most peculiar maid of honor of all the weddings you've ever seen

Weddings are an event. Especially for the happy couple, but also for family and friends. He gets excited preparing everything and thinks about all the details: the menu, the music, the guests or who will be the godparents or the bridesmaids.

We are used to the latter being young, friends of the bride mostly; but sometimes life surprises us and demolishes statistics or generalities.

For her wedding, Christine Quinn she thought of her grandmother as a maid of honor. Her name is Betty, she is 89 years old and has an enviable relationship with her granddaughter.

"My grandmother has it all: grace, wisdom and energy ", says the newlywed.

In addition, Christine claims that her grandmother "makes funny comments all day.".

The most special bridesmaid of this wedding got on the bus that was partying with everyone else instead of going home to rest after the ceremony and the banquet.

The most special moment was when Betty danced with the bride's father-in-law, Bellsie, as young men, throughout the night..

"You are as old as you feel, and I feel young every day ", says this peculiar maid of honor.

She also says that she asked her granddaughter about ten times if she really loved her in her bridesmaids court. "Of course she is, she is amazing, everyone loves her very much ", her granddaughter answers without hesitation.

And there is no more to see the precious images that remained as a memory to know that it is so.


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