With a few layers of cookies, she easily makes a cake that will remind you of your childhood

Surely many of you know the Fabiola cake, even if not by this name, because it is one of those classic cakes that many of us have eaten in our childhood on birthdays and other celebrations. It is very easy to make, very economical and does not require too much time, so it is a recipe to keep in mind whenever we have guests.

It also meets another basic requirement: it is delicious. In the video you can see the simple preparation that will allow you to succeed. Of course, do a lot, because everyone will want to repeat.

The recipe made in the video consists of the following ingredients:

45 toasted cookies
6 egg yolks
100 gr. of sugar
100 gr. of butter
80 gr. grated coconut
150 ml of muscat

3 ounces covered chocolate
5 gr. of butter,
grated coconut
1 cherry
Sprigs of mint

But you can modify, remove or add the ingredients you want to make it to your liking. To lick your fingers!

Source: Anna Easy Recipes

Summary Recipe Name Tarta Fabiola Author Name Marta Robles Published On 2016-02-09 Preparation Time 20M Cook Time 40M Total Time 60M

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