He shared a photo with his grandmother on Facebook and it moved everyone. Find out why

Surely Giancarlo Murisciano did not expect to have such an impact when, spontaneously, he shared this emotional photograph with his grandmother on December 31, 2014 to say goodbye to the year. Accompanied with a beautiful text that you can read below, today we want to remember that publication that went viral instantly, reaching millions of people who could hardly contain the emotion when they saw this crude but sincere song to life.

It may not have been the best December 31 of my life, but this is also part of it. Once you had me on your lap and now I do it, grandmother, without shame or fear, to remind everyone that life must be lived and fought. In life you must be present always and in any circumstance


this is my wish for 2015: the presence of someone by my side who can protect and comfort you, but also be happy and smiling with us


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