It starts to spread layers of colors and in the end it makes a great candy

You know that we love to share with you original recipes and, if possible, healthy, but all we deserve a treat from time to time, So today I invite you to loosen up your hair a bit and enjoy an easy-to-make sweet that will delight the little ones in the house.

These are cupcakes inspired by Candy Corn, typical Halloween trinkets that, as their name suggests, look like "caramel corn kernels ".

From the YouTube channel, Elisabeth LaBau teaches us how to do a colorful dessert that goes with these jelly beans. The technique is very simple and the colors can be adapt to any other type of candy that you like more or make it easier for you to find.

To make these cupcakes you will need:

2 cups white chocolate chips
1 can of frosting or vanilla topping (for sale in supermarkets)
Food coloring in the colors of the jelly beans you use
Jelly beans to decorate each cupcake

Don't think twice, watch the video and get ready to surprise the next time it's your turn to bring dessert to a family meal. If you have children, in addition, you're going to have a great time with them. They are going to love it!


Summary Recipe Name Pastelitos Candy Corn Author Name Isa Lago Published On 2016-03-07 Preparation Time 15M Cook Time 15M Total Time 30M

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