Homemade food for cats with kidney failure

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Kidney failure in cats is a condition that affects their day to day, causing pain, loss of appetite and depression among other symptoms. Apart from the treatment of the disease itself, it will also be essential to be attentive to prevention to avoid relapses. We must learn to assess what phase our cat is in, a task in which the veterinarian who is treating it will help us, to know how we should act.

One of the most important issues to consider is the diet of the cat with kidney failure. ¿I think or homemade food? ¿What are the foods to avoid?

At AnimalWised we want to help you with these and other questions that arise at the time of feeding our feline. The homemade food for cats with kidney failure it is an option when choosing the healthiest for them. We must not fear failing due to our skills (or not) in the kitchen, they will not care how the presented dish is, guaranteed.

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  1. Feed for kidney failure
  2. Homemade food, a path to health
  3. Recipe # 1 - Chicken and Rice
  4. Recipe Nº2 - Tuna and rice

Feed for kidney failure

Kidney failure in cats is a slow and progressive injury to the normal function of the kidneys, which are necessary to filter the blood and eliminate the waste that reaches the body of our feline. When failing, various functions are altered since the waste will accumulate and intoxicate our cat slowly, showing signs only at critical moments.

It is not a disease that can be treated for life with medication. The feeding and other specific care will be essential to keep you in optimal health.

In the market we will find a wide variety of feed indicated for cats with kidney failure, and although many of them are of excellent quality, they cannot be compared with the quality offered by homemade food. For that reason, below we explain what you should consider when preparing diets for kidney failure and we will show you two different recipes, one for meat and the other for fish, so that you can vary.

Homemade food, a path to health

As a natural veterinarian, I always recommend the homemade food, In all aspects, whether for sick or healthy cats, it is only important to know how to identify which are the prohibited foods and which are the most recommended. To carry out homemade diets for a cat it is important to dedicate time, although not as much as one might believe, since we can freeze the prepared recipes for the whole week and store them in small portions.

We know that cats are strict carnivores so meat, of any kind, is the queen of recipes. But, ¿What happens when the kidneys are malfunctioning or inefficient? Must lower protein level (which abound in meat) and this is when the first barrier appears when it comes to feeding our sick pets. Both owners and veterinarians who do not specialize in nutrition, have difficulties to orient themselves when preparing homemade food and end up choosing commercial feed.

Before you start preparing homemade diets...

All changes in our cat's diet should be gradual within a week to avoid imbalances or gastrointestinal problems. In the case of wanting to change the feed, it is easy, because we will replace the old food with the new one from 20% to a greater percentage, but in the case of going from feed to homemade food it is quite different..

It is very important to point out that we cannot mix homemade food with feed, since they have different digestibility. For that reason we will choose to offer small portions to our cat every 2 or 3 hours and we will reduce the amount of daily feed. This will help us to identify your favorite foods as well. We will start with vegetable balls with tuna, chicken or other meats.

The recipes shown below are designed for a adult cat weighing 5 Kg, we can make small portions and then, when they get used to it, make the whole recipe, you just have to cheer up. All recipes are for 1 day, distributed as they wish.

Recipe # 1 - Chicken and Rice


  • 60 gr of brown rice
  • 75 gr of chicken breast
  • 50 gr of fresh cheese
  • 30 gr of vegetables for cats
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or butter
  • 1 gr of calcium carbonate


  1. We will start by boiling the brown rice and the chosen vegetables. Do not forget that we can substitute rice for other beneficial cereals such as barley, millet or quinoa. All of them must be cooked in the same way.
  2. We will also boil the chicken meat and once cooked we will shred it and cut it into very small pieces, similar to those found in commercial food cans. If you wish, you can use turkey or beef and even leave the meat raw. That will depend directly on the acceptance of your feline towards this type of food.
  3. Once the cooking is finished, we will mix the ingredients already cut and crumbled, including the oil, the calcium carbonate (industrial or a dry crushed eggshell) and the fresh cheese. Use a kitchen ring or your own hands to create a shape that reminds him of his usual wet food.
  4. ¡You already have homemade food prepared for cats with kidney failure!

Recipe Nº2 - Tuna and rice


  • 50 gr of brown rice
  • 85 gr of fresh or frozen tuna
  • 14 g of clams in their juice
  • 30 gr of vegetables or fruits (parsley, celery, carrot, etc.)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or butter
  • 1 g of calcium carbonate (industrial or dried eggshell made into powder)


  1. As in the previous recipe, we will start by boiling the brown rice (or any cereal mentioned in the previous section) and the chosen vegetables.
  2. When the cooking is finished we will mix all the ingredients, including the tuna, the clams, the oil and the calcium carbonate (which can be industrial or we can use a dry crushed eggshell). All the ingredients must be cut and shredded so that the cat can ingest it without problems.
  3. Use a kitchen hoop to create a shape similar to canned wet food, and you have your tuna and rice recipe ready..

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