Cat feeders - Types and how to choose the best one

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Cat feeders are essential components of your household trousseau. In addition to the more traditional feeders, which hardly differ in color, size or material, we currently find a considerable variety of these accessories on the market, as we will see in this AnimalWised article..

Next, we review the different types of cat feeders and the most outstanding models so that you can choose the one that best meets the needs of your feline.

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  1. Classic cat feeders
  2. Automatic cat feeders
  3. Interactive cat feeders
  4. Raised cat feeders
  5. Antivoracity feeders for cats
  6. Smart cat feeders
  7. How to choose the best feeder for your cat?

Classic cat feeders

With this denomination we group the simpler cat feeders and acquaintances. Of different colors and designs, for example, with drawings or figures in relief, today it is possible to choose the ones that best combine with home decoration.

Materials have also diversified. Thus, we can find feeders plastic, steel or ceramic. Some have a rubber on the base to prevent them from slipping and in certain models this is removable. Others have a mat-like base that is also non-slip. Regarding the appearance, we will find from the classic round feeders to the oval ones or in the shape of the silhouette of a cat or footprint. The depth is also very variable and we must adapt it to the characteristics of the cat.

Finally, we mention the hoppers, which allow the cat to leave a considerable amount of food that it will access little by little while we are not at home. They consist of a base plate and a container where the food is stored, which is placed on the plate vertically and is filled from the top, opening the lid. They are usually made of plastic. Of course, keep in mind that it is not the most suitable feeder for a cat that overeats.

Automatic cat feeders

Automatic feeders can be considered a modern version of the hopper. Therefore, they are also an important advantage when we leave the cat alone for a long period of time. Its mechanism is based on the opening programmed with a timer or remotely when we fix. In addition, they keep food or, if applicable, water in perfect condition thanks to its hermetic closure. In this way, they also avoid the presence of insects. In some models you can even set the closing speed. Others are activated from the mobile phone. Check how many days you can leave your cat alone at home if you need to go out for a while.

In households with more than one cat, they offer the plus that, through a microchip or pendant, the lid can be opened only when the corresponding cat is going to eat. For example, if someone is forced to follow a special diet or goes over with food, with the automatic feeder it is possible to guarantee that there are no feeding problems. This type of cat feeder also allows you to control the amount of food. They run on batteries or electricity and are made of plastic.

Interactive cat feeders

These types of cat feeders act as interactive toys. In this way, in addition to food, offer the cat mental stimulation and physical activity, since it has to manage to catch its food. It is also a way for me to eat more slowly.

They are designed as labyrinths arranged vertically, so that the cat has to move the food with its legs, introducing it through the different holes until it is brought to the bottom, where there is a plate that contains it. There are several levels of difficulty, so the animal does not tend to get bored.

Raised cat feeders

We can also find cat feeders with a base, which makes them rise above the ground. Some have an ergonomic design that facilitates access to food and the adoption of a comfortable posture that can favor cats with mobility problems.

Another option to achieve elevation is a support for feeders or feeders that have a built-in silicone base with the support in the center. This base provides them with good stability and protects the floor from stains. They are usually made of ceramic or aluminum, although we also find them made of wood. Check out the different advantages of elevated cat feeders in this other article..

On the other hand, you can make your own elevated feeder with this video.

Antivoracity feeders for cats

This type of cat feeders are very useful when we live with felines very anxious with food. They are characterized by presenting a raised surface, so that it is difficult for the cat to reach the food, being forced to eat slowly and in small quantities because it takes time to rescue it from the beaks of different sizes that make up the feeder. Another type of these feeders fulfill the same function based on obstacles.

On the other hand, the cat must display all its ability to get to eat, which serves as a stimulus. In this way, these feeders also offer mental entertainment. They are made of plastic or melamine.


Smart cat feeders

The so-called smart cat feeders contain a scale that allows you to accurately weigh the amount of food that you should ingest. Some models of these cat feeders are made with antibacterial materials, maximizing hygiene, and have a lower area, which facilitates the cat's access to food. Another detail that can be found in this feeder is that it is usually linked to a mobile application with which a detailed guide of the cat's diet can be taken. They work with batteries.

How to choose the best feeder for your cat?

First of all, it is important to look at the material. Probably the most popular is plastic, although it is increasingly being replaced by steel, ceramic or even bamboo. The material is relevant, since plastic can cause allergic reactions in some cats. In addition, it acquires odors and degrades over time. For these reasons, ceramic, stainless steel or bamboo are more recommended options..

When choosing the best cat feeder, you also have to take into account size and depth. Thus, if our cat has a Persian flattened nose, it is advisable to opt for a flat feeder with low edges. The same as if it is a small kitten. On the other hand, any cat eats without problems from a plate, but if we decide on sophisticated feeders it is likely that we need a learning period until our feline is done with its operation. Another fact to keep in mind is the weight of the feeder to avoid tipping, especially if the cat is small or has a habit of using its legs to eat..

One last, important note: double feeders are not a good option. Cats prefer to have their water separated from their food and, in addition, it is more difficult to clean, replace or empty them. Also remember to keep the eating area or areas separate from the areas intended for rest, play and, of course, hygiene.

Then, ¿what is the best cat feeder? The one that best suits your particular needs. As we say, if your feline tends to show anxiety about food, the best option will be an antivoracity feeder. If, on the other hand, you tend to get bored or don't have enough environmental enrichment, interactive feeders can help you stay more mentally active. Finally, if you notice that he adopts strange or uncomfortable postures to eat, try a raised feeder and see if he eats better.

The most important thing is always to know our animal to learn to meet its needs, since not all cats are the same or need the same type of feeder.

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