Guinea pigs: breeds and colors

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If you are considering adopting a guinea pig as a pet, you should consider some things such as how long a guinea pig lives or what type of cage it needs, among other factors to take into account..

In this AnimalWised article we will detail the different breeds of guinea pigs according to the length of their hair: long hair, short hair or hairless guinea pigs as well as details about color what can they show.

Discover the ideal guinea pig for you in this post and do not forget to comment and share the photographs of your guinea pigs so that other users can find out about them.

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  1. Long-haired guinea pigs
  2. Hairless guinea pigs
  3. Short-haired guinea pigs
  4. Guinea pig colors

Long-haired guinea pigs

Peruvian guinea pig

This breed is very popular for the softness of its hair and the length it can reach. If we let his hair grow it could reach 30 centimeters. It is perfect for those who spend a lot of time cutting and combing their guinea pigs and totally unsuitable for those who do not have time to maintain it. The Peruvian guinea pig has 3 swirls that guide the direction of its hair and that offers it a very unique and funny appearance.

Abyssinian guinea pig

This guinea pig is also very popular and is also known as "Aby " or "Rosette ". Unlike the previous guinea pig, its hair does not grow excessively but it does grow in a peculiar way. The endless swirls make her hair appear spiky and voluminous. These are generally very active and affectionate guinea pigs that will need infrequent coat care..

Guinea pig coronet

This breed of guinea pig has long fur, like the previous ones, but we can see how it grows excessively on its head. The hair on the body is also long but shorter. The care of his coat should be daily to avoid tangles and the accumulation of dirt.

Guinea pig sheltie

Also known as "Silkie " this guinea pig has a long coat very similar to that of the Peruvian guinea pig. Both races can be differentiated according to the growth of the hair that in this case grows from the head to the torso. It will be essential to comb her daily and limit her hair if it grows excessively.

Hairless guinea pigs

Skinny guinea pig

Its external morphology is not natural, it arose spontaneously in Canada. As with other breeds of animals, once these mutations occur, an attempt is made to achieve offspring of similar qualities. Although in this case we should not take care of her hair, we will pay attention to her soft skin..

Baldwin guinea pig

Unlike skinny guinea pigs, these guinea pigs are born with hair that they progressively lose as they reach adulthood. They are very affectionate and familiar pets. We must be careful and not expose it to direct sun or intense cold, like the previous guinea pig it is very sensitive.

Short-haired guinea pigs

American guinea pig

It is by far the most popular breed of guinea pig and the most common. It has short but very soft hair and its maintenance is very simple. Discover the care of short-haired guinea pigs. It is the perfect breed for those who have not had a guinea pig before.

Guinea pig self

These guinea pigs, very similar to American guinea pigs, are distinguished by the white swirl on their foreheads. They are also known as crested and their care is equally easy.

Teddy guinea pig

This guinea pig has the sweet look of a stuffed animal. His hair is short but much fluffier than the previous two. He has nice mustaches that highlight his face. This guinea pig will not need excessive care but brushing it occasionally will help it not to accumulate hair and to be cleaner.

Rex guinea pig

Its appearance is very similar to that of the teddy guinea pig but it has harder and rougher hair. Its size is larger than that of other guinea pigs, which is why it is nicknamed "rex ". They have a very tender and sweet character, they are especially affectionate.

Guinea pig colors

Single color guinea pigs (monocolor or self)

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac
  • Beige
  • Red
  • Golden
  • In view of
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Albino
  • White
  • Saffron
  • Satin

Two-colored guinea pigs (bicolor or agouti)

  • Gold (black and reddish brown)
  • Gray (yellow and gray)
  • Silver (black and white)
  • Cinnamon (brown and ivory)
  • Salmon (lilac and ivory)

Multi-colored guinea pigs (non self)

  • Variegated (red, black and brown)
  • Tortoise (red, black and yellow)
  • Tricolor (brown, black and white)
  • Dutch (gold, black, chocolate and white)
  • Roan (white with black or red)
  • Dalmatian (Black, blue or gray and white)
  • Himalayan (pattern)
  • Magpie (black and white)
  • Harlequin (red, black and white)

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