Five easy dessert recipes to eat on Halloween

The "Halloween night ”And you already have the decoration of your house to amuse and scare your guests at the same time. You also already have the costumes for your children to go around the neighborhood under the slogan "sweet or trick " and thus fill their sacks with tasty sweets and fear the hearts of their neighbors. But then you realize that you lack what to feed the children once they return home, tired of walking around scaring people. Here's a quick fix, with five easy dessert recipes to eat on Halloween

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Terrifying eyes

For the first of these five easy dessert recipes to eat on Halloween you will need the next ingredients

1 package of mini white donuts (or any other brand with a similar shape)

Green gummies or various Lacasitos or green or blue M&M

A bottle of red pastry food coloring in red baking gel (you can also use several tablespoons of strawberry or raspberry jam mixed with a teaspoon of water, put them in a small food-safe plastic bag, and pierce the end. No it is the same as the red dye but you can use it).



You place in a flat surface the mini white donuts. Place the green gumdrop or Lacasito in the center.

After, if you have red food coloring, draw several lines from the center to the ends, simulating the small capillaries of our terrifying eyes.

Now, if you don't have food coloring, we will make a homemade one. We put five tablespoons of jam in a container, add a tablespoon of water and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, at maximum power.

A trick: if the jam is quite liquid you should cut half an apple into pieces and put it in the chopper, add the jam and mash.

Next, we put the jam in a small bag like those for freezing. We drill one end so that the jam comes out there and we make lines about donuts from the inside out.

Bat truffle brownies

For the second of these five easy dessert recipes to eat on Halloween you will need the next ingredients:

A sheet of chocolate sponge cake or 7 crumbled chocolate muffins

250 grams of cream cheese

60 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder

Stevia sweetener 4 tablespoons

4 oreo cookies

1 dark chocolate bar

Chocolate noodles for sprinkling

28 Lacasitos or red M&M



To make the cake easier we buy it already done. If you do not find chocolate you can use a sponge cake or normal muffins but you will have to add 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and two of milk to achieve the brown color.

On a tray with a little baking paper We will rest the truffles that we are going to make.

We crumble the cake and we reserve it in a container. In another container we mix cream cheese with unsweetened cocoa and the sweetener Stevia.

You have to stir well until the ingredients bind. Then, you will mix that chocolate preparation with the chocolate cake that we had reserved. Then only with your hands, we will make small balls. You will cut the two parts of the cookies in half, so that you have four pieces. Place two pieces in each ball as if they were the bat that we are creating.

Then we melt the chocolate in the microwave in fractions of 30 seconds. If you prefer, you can add a teaspoon of milk to make it softer.

We are now reaching the end: dip the balls with the cookies in the melted chocolate, and then let them rest on the tray that you prepared in the first step of this recipe. We only have to add chocolate noodles on top and put two eyes on it with Lacasitos or red M&M to each truffle.

Put the truffles in the fridge for two hours before bringing them to the table.

Cobweb Cookies Recipe

For the third of these five easy dessert recipes to eat on Halloween you will need the next ingredients:

125g milk chocolate (if you prefer bitter with more poop, go for it)

125 g white chocolate

18 Oreo Cookies


A food-safe plastic bag (such as freezer ones)

A toothpick



In a microwave safe container melt the milk chocolate by adding 20-second fractions. Repeat the process at least three times.

Repeat this action with the white chocolate, and place it in a plastic bag in which you will make several holes very close together with a needle, as well as a little of the white chocolate. it will come out everywhere. 

With the melted dark chocolate, add two cookies and bathe it. After draining them, you will place them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper or oven.

Then draw a spiral in the cookie starting from the center, with white chocolate. Then use the toothpick and from the center draw straight lines towards the ends, and immediately you will have the cobweb.

Halloween scared bananas

For the fourth of these five easy dessert recipes to eat on Halloween you will need the next ingredients:

6 bananas

A handful of assorted jelly beans

Colored noodles

1 tablespoon and ½ honey



Cut each of the bananas in half and with a brush -or the back of a small spoon-  paint the bottom with honey and a little the top of the bananas.

Place colored noodles on a plate and then pass the bananas on the plate so that they stick.

Cut the jelly beans with a knife. On the back of the gummies you will add honey, as a glue, and you will fix the gummies as if they were the mouth or the eyes of our funny bananas.

Halloween smiling apples

For the fifth of these five easy dessert recipes to eat on Halloween you will need the next ingredients:

6 green apples

75 grams of peach jam

A handful of sunflower seeds

2 teaspoons lemon juice

4 white marsmallow or sugar clouds

8 drops of chocolate

1 black licorice wand

You should also get chopsticks



Cut the apples in half and then into quarters. With a sharp knife, make a wedge-shaped incision over each apple. Careful! You should leave several centimeters between one cut and another so that our apples are really spectacular.

Take out the part you cut with the knife and you will have the apple in the shape of a ‘mouth ’ ’.

With a silicone brush, paint the lemon juice inside each block so that they do not rust and take on a dark tone.

Add peach jam to the inside of the apple. Then nail pumpkin seeds as if they were the teeth in the apple. Cut the clouds or marsmallow into two or three halves and stick them on a toothpick.

Put chocolate drops in the microwave and with only 40 seconds at maximum power they will stay almost melted but still round in shape.

Now, you will press the piece of cloud that we have nailed to the toothpick on each drop of melted chocolate. This way you will be able to simulate our eye. Lastly, nail the white clouds over the apples.

If you want to create "feminine " apples, you will only have to add some eyelashes with pieces of black licorice.

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