Homemade White Chocolate Chupa Chups

If the lollipop can already be attractive, imagine an improved one. One that you can change or create to your liking. With this recipe that is more than likely. We can start have homemade white chocolate Chupa Chups just if we follow the right steps.

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  • How the lollipop idea came about

How the lollipop idea came about

Candies are usually very sticky. And even more so if children are playing with them and putting them in and taking them out of their mouths to talk with their friends, to hide them from their parents or to keep them in their pockets so that they don't see them eat so many. From the daily observation of these situations a great idea was born, that of adding a simple stick to the sweet that would make the candies a more hygienic product. A small invention that Enric Bernat came up with in 1958. And that same year the Chupa Chups came to light, they became so famous that the brand name has become the generic name for this wonderful sweet.

As ingredients a few bananas, cookies, white chocolate and coloring will suffice. The rest it's so easy you couldn't not believe how good it is.

With these indications we can achieve fame in the world of snacks or desserts without much effort. 

We started by crushing some cookies but what we got is amazing. An authentic homemade white chocolate Chupa Chups.

All thanks to this great and simple idea.

Do not lose detail of the explanatory video because really worth.

Source: Chef Club México

Summary Recipe Name chupa chups Published On 2020-05-10 Preparation Time 10 Cook Time 10 Total Time 20

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