Homemade flea shampoo for cats

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The fleas they are one of our pets' worst nightmares. They are insects-parasites that feed on the blood of warm-blooded mammalian animals, such as cats, and that also sting and displease a lot.

It is a very common problem but that does not mean that it stops being excessively annoying, both for the animal that suffers from the presence of these insects on its skin, and for your home that can end up infested by a flea infestation. You should always be prepared, because you never know when your pet will arrive for a walk accompanied by a few fleas. For this, in AnimalWised we will tell you how you can prepare homemade cat flea shampoo that, in addition, will prevent your feline from being attacked by these "vampires " insects.

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Fleas and cats

The first thing you should do is check if your cat really has fleas. To do this, see if it presents the following main symptoms:

  • Scratches intensely, with particular emphasis on areas of the tail and head.
  • He is discouraged, not wanting to play.
  • Asks you to brush more often.

Once the above symptoms have been detected, the best way to check if you really have fleas is by clearing its fur and observing its skin, as well as using a flea brush and checking if there are any nits or fleas in it. If you confirm the presence of these parasites, ¡act as soon as possible!

The battle against fleas is as a team, your cat will not be able to fight alone against them, so you must help him. One way to do this is by creating your own Homemade flea shampoo for cats, Since, many times, felines, as their skin is very sensitive to contact with essential oils, do not get along very well with natural flea repellants.

White vinegar and glycerin soap

Vinegar is a great option for removing fleas that have come into contact with your cat's skin and helps prevent future infestations. With its strong smell and taste it works as the perfect repellent. For its part, the glycerin soap will give the sensation of softness that your feline's skin needs to get the fleas to slide through the fur, you can better locate and remove them with the flea comb. To prepare this homemade cat flea shampoo you must follow the following steps:

  1. Buy baby shampoo.
  2. Pour it into a large bottle.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of water.
  4. Plus 1 cup white or apple cider vinegar.
  5. And 1 cup of 100% natural glycerin-based liquid soap.

Bathe your cat with this solution until it foams, let it act for several minutes, repeat and rinse with warm water. Take this bath every one to two weeks. An important note is that you should keep this homemade flea shampoo away from your feline's nose, eyes, mouth and genitals. We do not want to cause any kind of irritation.

A spray and a flea recommendation

You can also use the vinegar to create a spray solution and apply it directly to your cat's skin between baths, as well as spray areas of the home to avoid the presence of fleas. To craft this Home remedy against fleas in cats, You just have to mix 3 cups of water with 1 cup of white vinegar and voila, a fighting spray.

Desperate to remove fleas from your beloved pet, you will be tempted to use all kinds of treatments and products available in the market and in pet stores. However, at AnimalWised we recommend that to protect your feline's skin and health from certain products and harmful chemical ingredients, try this homemade cat flea shampoo at least once, you will see that you will find it very effective. Likewise, choose to purchase quality antiparasitic products that do not harm the animal.


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