Carbohydrates, essential for muscle energy

The carbohydrates and insulin are an inseparable pair that sets the direction of the use of energy in our body. Insulin, as a strongly anabolic hormone, even more anabolic than testosterone, is responsible for significant profits in the muscle mass. Its main task is to transport energy to muscle cells, as well as fat cells. That is why it is often called a double-edged sword, which on the one hand fights and helps us develop muscles, and on the other hand, it can damage us a lot, causing us to gain weight..

The insulin belongs to the group of peptide hormones that plays an important role in the human metabolism. It shows its activity mainly during the consumption of carbohydrates, it also affects how we absorb proteins and fats. The insulin it also exhibits some thermogenic effects, but we will not consider such considerations in this article.

Reading the introduction, we must draw some conclusions that will indicate that the low carb diets can limit the activity of the insulin and therefore also limit the anabolic character of the diet. There is a certain dependency on this. While using low-carb diets works perfectly during cutting, using them to build muscle mass often fails. So, it is necessary to use periodic carbohydrate loads, which are designed to stimulate the metabolism to build muscle mass faster.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems. If that were the case, each of us would change to a diet rich in sugar and you would enjoy the muscle gains that should come because insulin activity would be high.

If we eat a lot of sugar, our insulin levels are high, and we will build bigger muscles. However, the sensitivity of tissues to insulin is not always optimal and our body begins to store energy in the form of adipose tissue..

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What to do to avoid energy storage?

There are several ways to maintain the high efficiency of the use of sugar in our body. One of them is the use of physical activity and get enough sleep. Maintaining the activity parameter, as well as taking care of sleep hygiene, its adequate duration and quality, contribute to a significant improvement in sleep. metabolic health.

We can help ourselves by using 3 excellent supplements:

  • berberine
  • chrome
  • creatine

How does supplementation work?

The components in the list mentioned above are intended to support the body in the efficient use of energy.

How you use the aforementioned supplement mix will depend on your specific goal. If we are in a reduction, we use 200 µg of chromium and about 300 mg of berberine for 2 meals a day, which are the richest in carbohydrates.

If the goal is a muscle pump larger and regenerative support, we use the mixture for pre-workout meals. Then we give the same doses to the pre-workout and post-workout meals. We must bear in mind that it may be necessary to increase the amount of carbohydrates in the meal before and after training to avoid a drop in blood sugar.

Creatine, in turn, is a supplement that will increase the ability to store glycogen. This means that with the participation of supplementation with this compound, we can more effectively use the carbohydrates ingested in the diet, that the body stores not in the form of adipose tissue, but in the form of muscle and liver glycogen. Creatine during carbohydrate loading periods increases the glycogen level up to 20%. That is why its supplementation is so effective, because it increases the efficiency of muscle tissue, its strength and volume. After all, this effect is due to carbohydrates..

What supplements can be used additionally?

In supplementation aimed at improving insulin sensitivity, you can use:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • cinnamon extract
  • white mulberry
  • gymnema sylvestre extract

Very often on the market we can find mixtures of supplements already prepared with an active effect aimed at improving functions metabolic. Its use is convenient and will complement the whole-ingredient diet.

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