Characteristics of the Jackal: Habitat, Information, Food

In ancient times it was quite common for the Jackal prowling in funeral areas and near spaces with slaughterhouses.

Therefore, it has come to be thought that this is the reason why in ancient Egypt a Jackal head was added to Anubis, because this god guides the soul of the deceased to the afterlife.

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    • Cuban Jackal
    • Common Jackal
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  • Similarities of the jackal with other canine species
  • Where the jackal lives
  • What does the jackal feed on

What is a jackal?

Today, the Jackal is mainly characterized by its medium size and slim complexion, it can reach an approximate weight of 14 kilograms.

The Jackal's Paws They are elongated and are excellent runners, they can maintain up to 16km / h speed for a long time, while searching for food or protecting their territory.

Usually, mobilizes starting in the morning and at night, but you may stay active during the day if you don't perceive any threats.

In general, they live as a couple and in certain circumstances about 30 jackals may be grouped together, but for a short time.

Let's see what is a jackal, a carnivorous animal that bears certain similarities to foxes, coyotes, and wolves.

The Jackal is a carnivore that is part of the canids. Canis aureus is its scientific name, it is commonly recognized as golden jackal or common jackal.

It is native to East and North Africa, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East. It is more active at night.

Sometimes we can find the Jackal in small groups, for example: when there is a piece of carrion, but generally the hunt is carried out in pairs or alone.

Always follow the lion and the tiger, it seems their shadow. Jackals When a lion has cut another animal's neck and no longer wants to eat the meat, they end up approaching to eat the rest of the dead animal.

They are quite thieving animals, therefore it is necessary to choose a watchdog to put a stop to the depredations of this animal.

They can live for a long time in pairs or live alone; in the jackal family, the territory is defended by the monogamous pair of other pairs.

The defense of their territories is usually vigorous, they mark their territory and challenge strangers with their feces and their urine..

The territory can be quite large for the shelter of young adults who live with their parents until they obtain their own territories..

They are characterized by having a minimum of 3 offspring and up to 4, after a gestation process that lasts approximately 60 days.

Uses a wide variety of grunts, barks, whines, and laughs. A very insightful howl is one of the most distinguishing calls, which they emit at dusk and dawn..

Type of jackals

There are currently certain type of jackals, being the best known the golden jackal, common jackal and african jackal.

Golden jackal

The Golden Jackal is characterized by shade of yellow which tends to be pale gold and brown at the tip. In the rainy season the color varies to pale brown.

It is considered the heaviest and represents the only Jackal capable of surviving far from Africa. According to morphological and genetic analyzes, it is closely related to the coyote and the gray wolf..

Cuban Jackal

The Cuban jackal He is not a type of jackal, he is simply a famous reggaeton player from cuban origin, which is known as The jackal.

Common Jackal

East type of jackals It is known mostly as golden jackal, you can see that we have added the description of this type of jackal previously.

African Jackal

Known as Striped Jackal or African Jackal, normally lives in wooded areas, this disagrees with the other guys. The African Jackal has less aggressiveness, does not usually attack large mammals.

Its coat is characterized by a duller hue, the legs and ears are shorter than those of the Common Jackal or Golden Jackal.

Their fur is gray in color and with black and white spots. It is the largest species of all jackals. They live in central Africa, although they also live in Australia.

Similarities of the jackal with other canine species

Let's see some similarities of the chacal with other canine species: It looks like the wolf is strong, agile and lively, although quite cowardly.

Their appearance it is quite similar to that of a dog. It is also fox-like, but can differ in some physical features.

The jackal it also resembles coyotes, as regards their reproduction, because their mating is monogamous.

Generally, they are confused with coyotes and foxes because of their figure, size, but they have a slimmer body and longer ears..

Where does the jackal live

Where does the jackal live?  It is well spread in Africa and does not usually live in oversized wooded areas.

Although we can also find jackals in Europe and the Arabian Peninsula, particularly in Hungary, the Balkan Peninsula and Ukraine.

In addition, it is found in Asia, specifically in Syria, Turkey, Central Asia, Iran, India Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indochina and Thailand.

The only species capable of subsisting far from Africa is the golden jackal, occupies arid, short-grass grasslands in southern Asia, northern Africa, and southern European regions.

The black-backed jackal lives in dry forests and thickets, in Ethiopia the semien jackals live in high mountains..

They usually live as a couple and use urine traces to delimit their territory, this protects them against other jackals, in addition to warning them that the couple lives in said territory.

They are able to inhabit the burrows of other animals or establish their own burrows, the males are monogamous.

What does the jackal feed on

The Jackal is mainly carnivorous, during the night they hunt at night, in search of some reptile, small rats or bird nests.

They are scavengers because sometimes they tend to eat some remains of dead animals.

They are grouped in 8 specimens to do a better hunting and have the ability to knock down larger prey.

They can eat hares, rats, hunt gazelles, birds, mammals, small, fruit or remains abandoned by other animals such as the tiger and the lion..

They need to be in hunting groups In order to catch a gazelle, his technique focuses on exhausting the gazelle until it is totally weakened.

When the gazelle is weak, they dig their fangs into its throat or belly, end up burying it when they cannot eat it immediately, so they will have food for another time.

Summary Article Name Characteristics of the Jackal: Habitat, Information, Food Description Today, the Jackal is characterized mainly by its medium size and thin complexion, it can weigh approximately 14 kilograms. Author Natalia

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