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Food is the basis for our furry companion to appear healthy, strong and happy. Therefore, we must not skimp on expenses when offering quality feed is about if we want all your nutritional needs to be well covered. The jack russell terrier dog It is one of the most popular for its small size, vitality and easy care. However, it is also one of the most demanding on a nutritional level to maintain its muscle mass in perfect condition and avoid the dreaded canine obesity.

¿You don't know how much your dog should eat a day? ¿You always leave his food bowl full, without controlling the grams he consumes, and you have noticed that he is starting to gain a few extra kilos? ¡Find out at AnimalWised and start to control your diet! Keep reading and discover the daily amount of food for a Jack Russell terrier ideal.

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  1. What does the amount of daily food depend on?
  2. How much should a Jack Russell puppy eat?
  3. How Much Should an Adult Jack Russell Eat?
  4. How much should an elderly Jack Russell eat?

What does the amount of daily food depend on?

When selecting the best feed for your dog, you should not only look at the quality of the food, it will also be essential to acquire a product designed to meet the specific needs of your dog. This is so because the nutritional needs of a puppy and an adult, for example, are completely different, as are the demands of a giant-sized dog and another toy. In this way, factors you will have to pay attention to When choosing the food of the Jack Russell terrier are the following:

  • Age
  • The weight
  • Physical activity

The Jack Russell terrier stands out for its temperamental, curious, active and very playful character. Therefore, it is ideal for households with children or people who love to spend long hours playing with their furry companion. On the other hand, since it is a small breed dog with a tendency to suffer from obesity if it does not perform the exercise it needs, the food provided must be at the height of its nutritional requirements to avoid, precisely, overweight.

How much should a Jack Russell puppy eat?

The Jack Russell terrier dog usually reaches adulthood at one year of life, so until that moment you will have to offer him I think of the junior range, specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of puppies.

Now that you know that you should look at those foods that indicate that they are junior, it is essential to talk about their composition to ensure that the baby Jack Russell grows and develops properly. In this sense, it will be essential that the feed has a balanced amount of calcium, protein and phosphorus to ensure proper growth. This is so because, although adulthood reaches one year of life, its bones stop growing at 10 months, so it is a canine breed with rapid bone growth and an excess or lack of calcium or protein, for example, can seriously affect its evolution. Likewise, do not forget that the dog is a carnivorous animal, so it will be ideal for this amount of protein to come from meat or fish, not exceeding 25%. On the other hand, omega 3 fatty acids, also of animal origin, are highly beneficial to maintain the health of the puppy's skin and coat, as well as vitamin E, B and C.

To offer the best food to the dog, we advise you to discard those feeds that base their composition on flours and cereals, since they are indicative of poor quality. Remember that the health of your furry companion is at stake, and you must provide him with a quality diet to ensure that he grows healthy and strong. Also, pay attention to the following tips:

  • During the first five months of life of the Jack Russell, it is recommended to increase the daily dose of food to promote its growth. Once you have reached the sixth month, it is recommended to lower it to prevent you from becoming overweight.
  • Up to four months, the daily dose should be offered in four doses.
  • From four to six months, it should be reduced to three intakes a day.
  • From six, you can ration the puppy's food in two shots.

Now, we share a table with the recommended daily amount of grams for the Jack Russell terrier puppy according to the age and weight that he will reach as an adult. Yes, the doses are calculated based on the kilograms that the dog will weigh once it reaches adulthood, data that only the veterinarian will be able to provide you.

How Much Should an Adult Jack Russell Eat?

As we discussed in the previous section, once over 12 months of age the dog will become an adult and, therefore, its nutritional needs and daily amount of food must be adapted. At this point, the grams per day will be calculated based on your weight and level of physical activity. To do this, you should know that the Jack Russell terrier breed standard stipulated by the FCI determines that the maximum weight it can reach is 6 kg, and it measures 30 cm to the withers. If it exceeds this figure, it is possible that he suffers from obesity and you should go to the vet to tell you the best diet to follow.

At this stage of the dog, you will have to look for those range feed adult that have 30% protein of animal origin (meat or fish), 15-20% fruits and vegetables and over 15% fat. Since the Jack Russell terrier is a very active dog, it needs to burn a large amount of energy, it also needs to consume a high amount of energy to keep its muscle mass in perfect condition. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the balance between the percentage of protein and fat..

If you have found a quality feed that offers everything your dog needs but has few fruits and vegetables, keep in mind that you can offer this percentage yourself through fresh food. Check out our article on the best fruits and vegetables for dogs. Of course, do not neglect this part of their diet because these products have powerful antioxidant properties, essential to prevent cell oxidation and loss of vitality of the dog..

In addition to what is indicated, the ideal feed will have to continue providing the animal with omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins, both to provide the energy that its body needs and to ensure the health of the skin and coat. Likewise, do not forget that the Jack Russell is a dog with a tendency to be overweight, so he practices with him the exercise he needs and dedicates hours to play to stimulate his mind.

Check the following table and discover the daily amount of food for an adult Jack Russell terrier which, as we said before, you can divide into two takes if you prefer.

How much should an elderly Jack Russell eat?

Once over seven years of age, the dog is considered to have reached old age and, therefore, must start consuming a I think of the range senior. At this stage, it is very important to pay special attention to the amount of essential minerals in the food to continue offering the calcium, phosphorus and iron that your body and bone system need. Keep in mind that this breed of dog is susceptible to suffering from patella luxation, among other pathologies, and, therefore, we recommend that you go to the vet so that it is he who indicates the ideal percentage of minerals in order to maximize its Health.

During old age, the tendency to suffer obesity increases and, therefore, the percentage of fat should be lower than that indicated during adulthood. On the other hand, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids must continue to be present in their diet in order to keep the Jack Russell active and vital for many more years. In this sense, you also have the option of offering your furry companion vitamin supplements for the elderly, always under the supervision of the veterinarian. Also, do not forget that exercise is still essential to help the dog to free itself from the tension and accumulated energy, you just have to keep in mind that, as the years go by, you will have to adapt the type and level of physical activity. Don't miss our article on the best activities for elderly dogs.

In this stage, the amount of daily food for the Jack Russell is maintained, following the guidelines for weight and level of physical activity. Here, what is recommended to modify is the type of kibble or feed, since, as with humans, the dog's teeth can be weakened over time. In this way, it is advisable to opt for smaller croquettes, alternate dry food with wet food or, in very old dogs with few teeth, go directly to canned food.

If you notice that your elderly Jack Russell shows symptoms of any pathology, such as vomiting, diarrhea or lack of appetite, do not hesitate and go to the vet. Remember that now his immune system is weaker, as well as his body in general, and you should pay attention to all his behavior. Find out about the most common Jack Russell diseases and prevent their development by offering the best quality of life, or detect them in time by acting quickly.

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