How often a poodle should be bathed and haircut

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If you have a poodle or poodle As a best friend, it is very important that you adequately inform yourself of the care that this breed of dog requires. In this article you will find complete information about the puppy's bathroom and the adult poodle.

We will also explain how often you should cut your poodle's hair and what you should consider before doing it..

Read on and find out in this AnimalWised article how often a poodle should be bathed and haircut. ¡Do not forget to comment and share your photos!

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  1. When to bathe the puppy poodle for the first time?
  2. Poodle bathing products
  3. How often do you bathe the poodle?
  4. How often to cut poodle hair?

When to bathe the puppy poodle for the first time?

The caninche puppies They are very delicate, And like babies, they must be handled with great care at bath time. If the puppy is living with the mother it will be important wait until weaning to prevent the parent from not recognizing her own child. She will clean and take care of you herself when she considers that your puppy is dirty.

On the other hand, it is important not to bathe a puppy dog ​​if it has just started its vaccination schedule as bathing could lessen the effect. The recommended age to bathe your puppy for the first time is at 3 months, once your vaccines are finished.

The frequency with which we should bathe our puppy should be, approximately, monthly since dogs have a natural protective lipid layer on their skin. If we bathe them excessively, we will be eliminating this layer that protects them, so it is not advisable to abuse the bathroom.

Tips to clean him without bathing him

If the puppy is very dirty and smells bad, you don't have to leave him like that. There are some very effective tricks that will help you keep your rambunctious puppy clean:

  • Wet wipes: Use baby wipes to clean specific areas of the hair that are dirty and then brush his coat well. It is the cheapest and simplest option.
  • Wet sponge: Just wet the sponge and drain it well. Apply it to dirty areas. Then you should dry your dog to prevent it from getting cold, to do this, wrap it in a towel and use the dryer if necessary.
  • Dry foam: In pet shops you will find professional products to dry your dog. It will be enough with the application of the foam and then brushing thoroughly to remove the remains of the product.

Bathing a puppy poodle step by step

The poodle's first bath it will undoubtedly be the most important since it depends on it that in the future it may generate fear of water. It is a fundamental part of their socialization process.

To start, we recommend preparing a basin with warm water in your bathtub, about all 37ºC. Of course, do not overfill it, the height of the water should not cover it too much. Choose a place free from drafts and safe, it should not be excessively cold, remember that the puppy poodle can be easily disheartened.

We will wet our dog with the help of a sponge or with our hands and when it is completely wet we will apply the chosen shampoo. We recommend that you look special puppy shampoo, acid pH, and gently massage the dermis of your puppy. Do not forget to reach all areas: legs, belly, groin ... but never wash his head. You should try to make this experience as positive as possible so that the puppy associates it as something they like and enjoy the moment of the bath. When you finish, clarify well.

At the end of the bath, we must take many precautions to avoid a possible cold, since puppies do not regulate their temperature as well as adult dogs. Wrap your poodle in a towel and when it is moderately dry, apply a low power dryer.

Poodle bathing products

Although the poodle can use general products, it is advisable to look specific shampoos, softeners and sprays for the breed. It can also be useful to use shampoo for white-haired dogs if our poodle is white, helping to prevent stains and dirt from leaving a mark on his coat..

How often do you bathe the poodle?

In the dermis of the dog we find the sebaceous glands that help keep the skin stable and give stability to the hair. It is very important to understand that excessive washing or the use of inappropriate products will result in a dermatological alteration that can cause allergies, for example. We must bathe our poodle every 21 or 35 days approximately, enough time for the skin to regenerate and regain its natural fats. After this time we can bathe you without any problem.

Bathing an adult poodle step by step

Remember, use specific products, like the ones we have mentioned above so that the pH of your dog is not altered:

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water without the water level being excessive.
  2. Help your dog get into the bathtub, ¡watch out for slipping!
  3. Wet him with the help of your bath hose so that his whole body is wet.
  4. We recommend starting with the legs: rub thoroughly to remove dirt.
  5. Follow with the torso, genitals, and neck. Do not wet or soaps your head.
  6. When it is completely soaped you can start to rinse the entire body.
  7. Spend time rinsing so that no soap residue remains on his coat.
  8. When you're done, cover it with a towel and wait for it to absorb some of the water.
  9. Afterwards, it will be enough to use the dryer to leave it completely dry. Use a brush to give it a better look.

Do not forget that after bathing you should apply a antiparasitic pipette to prevent fleas and ticks from taking up residence in your freshly washed fur.

How often to cut poodle hair?

The cutting frequency will depend on the choice of hairstyle. If you are still not sure how you want to comb him, do not hesitate to visit our article about the 10 types of poodle haircut. However, and in general, the mean of the cutoff frequency is located around 40 - 50 days.

Although you can cut the dog's hair at home, it is highly recommended go to the canine stylist until you acquire the necessary experience to do so. The different types of cuts need expert hands who know how to shape it and what are the points in which we must look. For example, it is highly recommended to trim the ear hairs carefully to prevent them from entering the ears, causing moisture and fungus.

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