How a deaf grandmother communicates with her baby granddaughter!

Grandparents are so precious! Not only can they help parents with helpful tips for caring for their children, but they are also a source of wisdom and love for their grandchildren. So, the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is always very enriching for both sides.

Most children love being with their grandparents, they see grandparents as one of their first friends. With them they can carry out an infinity of fun activities that with their parents they could not or would not feel equally free. And besides, always sheltered by their unmistakable grandparent affection and the pampering that that entails.

For the vast majority of grandparents, sharing moments with their grandchildren is also a way to feel younger and to learn a lot with them.

This adorable granny we see in the video has hearing loss, but she didn't want to stop communicating with her 9-month-old granddaughter Aria, and what better way than teaching him sign language! Undoubtedly, some beautiful images that show that the love of grandparents and grandchildren is often equivalent to that of parents and children. The little girl's reaction to her grandmother's gestures are, to say the least, adorable:

Source: ShariJoyMcMahon

Summary Article Name See how this deaf grandmother communicates with her baby granddaughter Description This grandmother is deaf and mute but she did not want to stop communicating with her 9-month-old granddaughter, and what better way than to teach her sign language! Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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