How do you know if a Yorkshire terrier is authentic?

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Many doubts come to the fore as to the purity of a canine breed. There are different crossbreeds that, when associated with particular breeds, tend to result in dogs that are very similar to those breeds, but do not meet the exact requirements of these. It is important to know the phenotype of certain breeds in order to diagnose any abnormality that may be damaging the health of your animal, but you must remember that physical appearance should not be taken into account when adopting a partner who will be loyal to you throughout his life. lifetime.

In this AnimalWised article we share our tips that will help canine guardians to know when a yorkshire terrier is authentic or pure, Without leaving aside the importance of adopting companion dogs, ignoring the physical appearance that they enjoy, since what is really important is not that it is of race or not, it is that it is healthy.

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  1. Origin of the Yorkshire Terrier breed
  2. How to know if a Yorkshire is pure? - Characteristics
  3. What if it's a mongrel yorkshire?

Origin of the Yorkshire Terrier breed

We must go back to the middle of the 19th century to find a clue to the origin of this breed. Its real origins are a bit confusing, since it was not the result of canine specialists, but ends up appearing practically by accident due to the crosses that were made of breeds such as the paisley terrier, the waterside terrier and the clydesdale terrier. Some historians maintain that the Maltese also intervened. These crosses happened in the county of Yorkshire, in England, which ended up giving the breed its name.

The first specimen that was able to participate in a dog show was a male named Huddersfield Ben and he ended up defining the breed standard. This has some importance, as there are breeders who describe that some dogs that compete today have some crosses of their blood in their pedigree..

The Yorkshire is not a breed that has too many variations and its phenotype is very characteristic, which facilitates the identification by the tutor or the person in question evaluating a specimen. The few variations that the breed has been able to have arise from the commercialization of copies and do not fall within the characteristics accepted by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) which, as we know, is the largest canine federation in the world. At a global level, breeders and protectionists generally repudiate the manipulation of any animal to make money, which is why they are encouraged not to collaborate with these practices or fall into these deceptions.

How to know if a Yorkshire is pure? - Characteristics

As we mentioned earlier, this breed is quite easy to identify. It is positive to know the physical characteristics inherent to the breed, since a change in any of them can lead to a health problem in the animal. According to the FCI, to get to know the Yorkshire terrier breed in depth, we must pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Size: it is a dog classified as a toy or miniature dog, since its weight is accepted up to 3.2 kg, with a minimum of 1.5 kg. Although the first specimens weighed a little more, at present this is the accepted weight in competitions, however it is said that there are still yorkshires that can reach 6 kg, although they are difficult to find.
  • Mantle: the hair should be moderately long and hanging, never hard. At no time should it impede mobility. It should be smooth, fine in texture and never woolly. As for the color, only a dark steel blue color is allowed and at chest level the tan color. Tan hair should be darker at the root than in the middle, ending much lighter at the ends..
  • Head: small, flat, the skull of this breed is usually not very prominent or round.
  • Mouth: the muzzle is moderately short. The truffle must always be black.
  • Eyes: they are usually bright, round and very expressive.
  • Ears: small, always covered with short hair and erect.
  • Line: covered by a lot of hair, always darker at the end of the tail.

When it comes to identifying a puppy and being able to give it a place in a classification or in a breed, what we must do is relate these physical characteristics to those of the puppy in question. It is important to know that there are currently much smaller types of Yorkshire, weighing up to 2 kg. These specimens are called "toy " or "Cup of tea ”And, in addition to not being accepted by the FCI, they are variations made by irresponsible people only to popularize a non-existent breed and increase its sales, an issue that only hurts the animal. It is normal that you come across sellers who offer this type of dog and it is important to bear in mind that you should not collaborate with these businesses. Remember that we are talking about lives, not objects.

Character of the yorkshire terrier

This is not as marked a characteristic as physical traits, but it can be taken into account when determining whether a Yorkshire is pure or not. In this case, the Yorkshire terrier is usually a very alert and confident, intelligent and lively dog. Likewise, it is usually a very barking, overprotective and defiant dog, so it is not surprising that it develops resource protection with its humans. It is attached and familiar.

However, we emphasize, the character does not have to be decisive because it is also greatly influenced by the education that the dog receives. In this way, a Yorkshire terrier can be pure and not match the personality traits described..

What if it's a mongrel yorkshire?

A mongrel Yorkshire can present a multitude of different characteristics, such as a coat of a different color to that accepted by the FCI, with a rough or wire texture, larger than 4 kg, floppy ears, etc. With the previous parameters you will have been able to discover how to know if a Yorkshire is pure, but it is necessary to mention that if he is mestizo, absolutely nothing happens. The important thing when adopting a dog is not that it meets a standard physique, it is that we give it a home and that its needs are adapted to our lifestyle to be able to cover them. If you offer the necessary care, you will have by your side a faithful companion who will give you the best of himself every day, regardless of whether he is of race or not..

All of the above, we encourage you to adopt and not to buy to avoid paying for businesses that may not comply with the bases of animal welfare. If you have discovered that your Yorkshire is not pure, remember that his heart is and you should love him just the same.

Some crossbreed puppies that arise from crossing a yorkshire with other breeds or mongrels are:

  • Chorkie
  • Morkie
  • Shorkie

They are all mongrel and beautiful dogs, ¿you don't believe?

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