How does my dog ​​know that I love him?

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The human brain is what allows us to be the only animals that are aware of our own death. This somewhat disturbing capacity is what allows us to ask ourselves other types of questions that disturb us. In the case of people who love their animals, one of those questions is: ¿How does my dog ​​know that I love him??

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  1. How does my dog ​​know that I love him?
  2. Do dogs feel kisses?
  3. How to know if a dog is happy?

How does my dog ​​know that I love him?

There are certain acts on our part that can make our dog understand that we love him and that we seek his well-being, such as:

  • Go out for a walk with him: dogs like to go out for a walk, and even more so with a member of their group with whom they have a strong social and emotional bond. So, going for a walk with your dog is the main way to show him how important he is to you and how much you love him..
  • Give you freedom on walksTaking him out for a walk and leaving him some freedom to sniff, mark a tree or socialize with other dogs is something that dogs will also appreciate and understand that you do it because you want it.
  • Not punish himPunishment, in addition to not being effective, can seriously damage your relationship with your dog, so it is always advisable to opt for positive reinforcement. Treating your dog with love and understanding will also be another way of making him understand that you love him..
  • Worry about him: worrying about learning, knowing and understanding the dog's body and gesture language is a fundamental fact. That a dog feels understood when it "speaks " posturally, generates a great relationship of attachment with its human caregiver and, therefore, makes the dog know the consideration that is had.
  • Protect you from dangers: Protecting your dog from situations that frighten him and, therefore, making him feel safe with you is essential for his well-being and peace of mind. In addition, it will generate a state of trust that he will unfailingly associate with you, his source of serenity..
  • Spend time with him: sharing time with your dog without the need for a physical activity is another way of showing him that you love him.
  • Play with him: Perhaps the most obvious act to do to make a dog feel loved by his guardian is to play interactively with him. When a dog associates his companion with entertaining moments of play, this will undoubtedly generate a strong emotional bond for the animal..

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Do dogs feel kisses?

Physically, there is no doubt that yes, now the issue of whether he interprets them as we humans interpret kisses, sure not. In fact, there are dogs that have an excellent relationship with their guardians, but cannot stand when they kiss them. The typically human displays of affection such as kisses are very difficult for animals to understand..

Now if the dogs don't feel the kisses, ¿how to show a dog that you love him? The best way, without a doubt, is spending the most time with him and generate a state of well-being. If the dog also associates this well-being with his human caregiver, he will surely take it as a demonstration of affection on his part..

The real thing is that no matter how much love you kiss a dog with, it will cost him a lot (not to say that it will be impossible) to take it as a token of love or affection in the terms that humans do..

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How to know if a dog is happy?

If dogs do not have the ability to fully understand the demonstrations of affection or love that people offer them, if they cannot know that they are loved or loved, if excessive gestures of affection often become annoying., ¿how do they know we love them? And if they don't know that we love them, ¿they will be happy? And if they were, ¿how we, the people, know that the dog that lives with us is happy?

All these questions, the exclusive product of the exceptional human mind, can even go as far as (and in many cases do) to severely anguish those who ask them..

The best advice to get the closest thing to a real, rational and non-imaginary and idealized answer is carefully observe the dog's daily behaviors in question and know the basics of canine communication, emphasizing the gestural and body language of the same.

Signs that a dog is happy

A dog with a relaxed attitude, that does not show fear in the presence of its guardian, that presents a facial expression with eyes wide open, ears in a normal position, tail lowered but not tucked between the legs, an inviting posture to play and that he approaches his tutor as soon as he sees him arrive, he makes one suppose a good relationship with him. It is a parameter that makes suppose a happy state or animal welfare. For more information, see this other article on 5 signs that your dog is happy.

Another parameter is knowing that the dog in its daily routine can develop and execute the typical dog behavior patterns, That is: take walks, smell and leave chemical messages to other dogs, perform a task such as warning if there are strangers within the territory, interact with congeners, entertain themselves by nibbling on a bone or some substitute that acts as such, etc., in addition of the typical postures of a happy dog.

In short, a dog that is allowed to do dog things and that also has a strong, positive and affectionate bond with its human companion, could be inferred with a high degree of realism, that that dog is happy.

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