How do you scold a rabbit?

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Rabbits are easily scared animals and can lose their trust in us if we scold them inappropriately. But, ¿how to scold a rabbit? Our friends have the right that we treat them with respect and affection, therefore, we must find the appropriate way to educate them and make them understand what we want to convey without having to punish them..

If you have adopted a rabbit and want to learn how to correct its behavior correctly, keep reading this AnimalWised article to find the best way to train a rabbit.

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  1. Is it bad to punish a rabbit?
  2. How do you educate a rabbit with positive reinforcement?
  3. How to train a rabbit to go to the bathroom?
  4. How to teach a rabbit not to bite?

Is it bad to punish a rabbit?

Some people may think that bad habits can be eliminated by slapping or hitting the animal with a newspaper. But actually, it is very dangerous to do so. If you hit or discipline your rabbit violently, the rabbit may be seriously injured and alone he will start to fear you from that moment.

It must be borne in mind that rabbits are very small, fragile and scary animals by nature, so if we try to educate them using violence or yelling, the rabbit will not only not understand what is happening, but will try to run away from you . In other words: will not learn anything.

To properly educate your pet, it is best to use positive reinforcement, something that we will explain throughout this article.. ¡Read on if you want to know how to "scold" a rabbit correctly!

How do you educate a rabbit with positive reinforcement?

Rabbits are very intelligent animals and they can learn many things if we are patient and spend time with them. How much and how fast a rabbit learns depends on each one, since some like mental exercises and others not so much. On command, these animals will not learn anything and will not have fun with it. When we want to educate our friend it is recommended start as soon as possible, because older rabbits can become stubborn, while young rabbits understand much faster.

Rabbits are docile, so if we do it right we can easily train them. They will not be able to resist delicacies such as fresh vegetables or fruits, so a good way to educate them is through positive reinforcement, that is, rewarding the desired behavior, always following the following rules:

  • Rewards are always awarded immediately when the rabbit has done something right.
  • You should always give him only a small bite for his tiny mouth.
  • A rabbit is never punished for unwanted behavior.
  • There are many ways and methods of teaching, such as clicker training for rabbits..
  • Rabbits respond mainly to tone of voice and facial expression and not so much to certain words.
  • Avoid loud commands and yelling, because rabbits are easily scared.

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    How to train a rabbit to go to the bathroom?

    The rabbit should not be scolded for slipping, but to train him patiently and lovingly. If your rabbit does his business everywhere and we punish him, he can lose our confidence, and since they are sensitive animals they could start to fear us if we scare them.

    If you poop outside the place intended for them, say "no" in a firm voice but without yelling and place it on his tray. It is very important that catch him red-handed for you to understand. After finishing, remember to reward him with good food. If you still find it difficult to understand that to relieve yourself you must go to your tray or corner, restrict your space; start with just one room or leave it in a controlled room. Once he does his business in the sandbox, open up its perimeter.

    In any case, it is important to clarify that it is normal for young, unsterilized rabbits or young rabbits to do their needs from time to time outside the cage, since it could be due to marking, and not so much to a lack of understanding. Therefore, it is best to spay or neuter your bunny when he is still young.

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    How to teach a rabbit not to bite?

    Rabbits are very delicate, they tend to run away and hide and when they get scared it can happen that they pinch us. The first thing we must find out is the real reason why it bites us. It is highly unlikely that it will bite because it is aggressive. If we want to teach him not to bite, we must observe him and we will often find ourselves in the following situations:

    • If the rabbit bites when you pick it up: He does not like being held on the arm, because he is afraid and feels insecure. Maybe you're not yet used to being held. For them it is not natural for someone to pick them up and lift them into the air. He has to learn to trust you. To do this, be patient, take it lovingly without squeezing it too much, but safely so that it cannot fall and return it to the ground after a few minutes. If he bites you, do not yell at him or punish the rabbit, but speak to him in a calm voice to strengthen ties with him.
    • If the rabbit bites when you put your hand in the cage- Your rabbit is likely to panic or feel hunted and threatened when you reach into the cage. When rabbits cannot flee, they run to their last resort to defend themselves and bite. Remember that your rabbit needs to feel safe. First show him that you are not a threat and offer him food from your hand in the cage. This way you will learn that a hand in the room is a good thing and that there is no reason to be scared.
    • If the rabbit bites when you feed it: Sometimes rabbits bite the hand that feeds them, but usually it is unintentional. Rabbits do not see very well up close and if your hand smells of fresh food, it may happen that it bites you without meaning to.. ¡No hard feelings!

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