How are rabbits born?

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Rabbits are one of the most frequent companion animals in our homes, behind cats and dogs. Many of you will have had a bunny at home at one time or another. But ¿know how rabbits are born?

On the other hand, ¿why is it said "raise like rabbits " to refer to procreate a lot? Today, at AnimalWised, we want to tell you all the details about how bunnies are born, how many and at what age they can start an independent life.

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  1. At what age do rabbits reproduce?
  2. How many offspring can a rabbit have?
  3. Delivery of a rabbit
  4. When to separate the baby rabbits?
  5. How are rabbits born? Explanation for children

At what age do rabbits reproduce?

Rabbits are very precocious animals when it comes to reproduction, as they can have offspring at very early ages. Specifically, a rabbit is fertile from 4-5 months of age, something more in females, being the usual in them at 5-6 months.

This average is general, since the age of sexual maturity varies significantly from one breed to another. However, although at that age they are already capable of reproducing, it is recommended wait 8-9 months If you want to make crosses, because at that time the organism of the rabbits is already fully developed, being able to avoid complications in pregnancy and delivery.

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How many offspring can a rabbit have?

In each pregnancy, the same rabbit can have very different litters, since these can be composed of between 1 and 5 kits. Yet incredibly numerous litters have been recorded, of up to 15 rabbits.

Also, it should be noted that in some breeds, especially in medium-sized breeds, the average is often higher, with between 5 and 8 rabbits by delivery. What usually happens is that the larger the litter, the higher the mortality rate among the offspring, many of them perishing practically at birth..

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Delivery of a rabbit

After a gestation 30-32 days, the moment of labor and delivery arrives. At this time, the mother will go to the nest she has, the burrow or a secluded place, to have her young protected.

The doe prepares a nest with the materials she has available, using in many cases his own hair as a cloak. When parturition begins, the doe retreats to the nest, where she remains during delivery and begins to suckle her young practically as soon as they leave the outside world..

¿How long does a rabbit give birth??

The delivery of a rabbit is extremely fast, since it is estimated that the average time that they take to give birth is barely half an hour. This delivery usually occurs without complications, in the hours of the night or dawn, when the animal can be calmer and the darkness protects it against dangers and predators.

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When to separate the baby rabbits?

If, for whatever reason, we need to separate the young from their mother, this separation should only be done when appropriate. So that the kits can be separated from their mother without causing a serious problem for the little ones, the separation has to be done when the kits have been weaned. Thus, they no longer need the contribution of breast milk, something essential for the proper development of their body.

In general, the age of 28 days from birth, or after 25 days if it is very urgent. It is also common that in very large litters, weaning must be done later, since the supply of breast milk is lower per kitten, and development may be later than usual..

How are rabbits born? Explanation for children

When Mommy and Daddy Rabbit decide to have bunnies, Mommy will have to carry them on her tummy until the bunnies are ready to go out. When they are born, they are very small and delicate, therefore, they cannot be caught or played with them until they are grown, or we may accidentally harm them.

Mama rabbit has between 1 and 5 bunnies, whom she takes great care of and gives them milk that she generates herself to suckle. This milk is very important for their babies, that is why they cannot be separated from their mother until they stop drinking it..

If your rabbit has had bunnies, you have to help her, feeding her, also drinking clean water, pampering her and protecting her, leaving her in a quiet and warm place. ¡So when the bunnies grow up, you can all play together!

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