How to clean a dog without bathing it?

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The right one dog hygiene It is of great importance for its health and therefore it is the owner's responsibility to keep his pet in the necessary conditions so that he can enjoy a good quality of life.

However, at a certain moment, either due to lack of time or because the dog is in a situation not compatible with bathing (for example, a post-surgical recovery), this hygiene must be carried out in another way. In this Animal Expert article we show you how to clean a dog without bathing it so that you can always keep your pet in the best possible condition.

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  1. Apply a dry dog ​​shampoo
  2. Wet toals
  3. Make a homemade deodorant for dogs
  4. Do not use these methods to maintain the hygiene of your dog

Apply a dry dog ​​shampoo

There are so many people who cannot conceive their life without the company of a dog that obviously we are before the most popular pets, in fact, today we even find various beauty treatments for dogs. Fortunately, it is also possible to find products that can make our lives easier, such as dry shampoo suitable for dog hygiene.

To carry out the dry bath, it is first important brush the hair of the dog, undoing any knots that may exist, this will facilitate the subsequent bath. Then take a cotton wipe and moisten it with warm water, then apply the spray-type shampoo on the cloth and wipe it all over your pet's body, without neglecting any area, just as you would with a conventional bath..

If your dog accumulated a lot of dirt, you can apply the shampoo again, as many times as necessary. To end brush your dog's hair again to remove any traces of shampoo and ensure that all the coat is dry and soft.


Wet toals

Take advantage of a damp towel to sanitize your dog. For further cleaning, brush your dog's hair before and after. Although it is not a definitive solution to clean it, it can help you get out of the way, especially if the dirt is localized.

Make a homemade deodorant for dogs

It is possible that on many occasions it is relatively little that you have bathed your dog in a conventional way, but on a rainy day or after a long walk outside, you may once again feel that its smell goes beyond the natural smell that they have the dogs.

In this case we recommend create a homemade deodorant using one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water, adding this mixture to a spray bottle and applying it to your dog's coat.

Apple cider vinegar has multiple properties, but among them, it will also help your dog's hair stay in better condition, and deodorized.

Do not use these methods to maintain the hygiene of your dog

Finally we must emphasize that the dry bath should not replace hygiene complete of the dog, although as we have already seen it is an excellent alternative in certain situations.

Just as we have shown you tools that can help you keep your dog clean, you should also know what are those resources that you may want to use but can be harmful:

  • Do not use wet wipes as they may contain substances that are not suitable for your dog's skin, especially if he suffers from allergies, sensitivity, dermatitis or a problem related to the dermis..
  • Do not use any type of dry shampoo that is not specially designed for veterinary use, it could cause an allergic reaction.
  • Do not apply any type of conventional cologne to keep your dog cleaner, this could irritate the skin and damage it.

Remember that when possible again your dog will need a full bath, always with affection and patience so that it does not generate any type of stress.

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