How do I clean my dog's paws when I get home from confinement?

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The current exceptional pandemic situation has led governments around the world to take extraordinary containment measures that also affect companion animals. In the case of dogs, their walks have been altered.

Although current evidence indicates that they they do not contract or transmit the new coronavirus, Yes, it is advisable to maintain basic hygiene measures. In this AnimalWised article, we will explain how to clean our dog's paws when you get home during confinement.

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  1. Can dogs walk during confinement?
  2. How to walk a dog during confinement?
  3. How to disinfect my dog's paws during confinement?
  4. Can I walk my dog ​​if I have coronavirus?

Can dogs walk during confinement?

Given the current situation, it is easy for caregivers to raise doubts about how to clean their dog's paws after walking during confinement, but there are also many questions around this state of alarm and how it affects our dogs.

In general, the quarantine has contemplated the need for dogs to go outside at least a couple of times a day, although it limits this walk to indispensable time for the evacuation of urine and feces. In addition, veterinarians have been considered essential services. Therefore, although they keep the clinics closed as a preventive measure, they are attending by telephone the cases that cannot wait.

If you have doubts, you just have to call and they will tell you how to proceed if it is necessary for you to go for a consultation to ensure the maximum health of all. How the recommendations may vary over time depending on the evolution of the pandemic or differ in the different countries that apply them, consult the official and updated sources of information of your place of residence.

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How to walk a dog during confinement?

Dog walks in this state of alarm cannot be like before. It is not possible to wear them loose or allow them to run, even in the spaces specially set up for them. They also do not have permission to interact, neither they nor we, with other dogs or people. Therefore, departures from home should be limited to a few minutes, those necessary for the dog to urinate and defecate. The route of the walk has to be reduced to the surroundings of the house. It is not allowed to go to public spaces such as beaches, fields, gardens or parks.

The dog has to go always tied with his leash. At most, you can use a long one so that, as much as possible, you have greater freedom of movement. Of course, although several people live in the animal's home, only one can go out with the dog and it is also recommended that it always be the same. It is also advisable that the walk be carried out during the hours with less influx of people on the street to minimize the risk of contacts. As before quarantine, it is mandatory to go out with bags to collect dog feces. In some places it is also requested to clean the urine or the remains of the stools with soap and water, which we can carry in a small bottle.

Remember that not complying with the rules dictated by the authorities entails financial fines of consideration. Back from the walk, in the next section we explain how to clean your dog's paws when you get home during quarantine.

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How to disinfect my dog's paws during confinement?

As we have noted, dogs are not considered to play any role in transmitting COVID-19 disease to humans. There is also no data that indicates that they can be infected with the new virus SARS-CoV-2, suffer from the disease or infect others. Even so, to avoid any risk, the veterinary authorities have explained how to clean the paws of dogs when you get home during quarantine.

Option 1: wet wipe

Disinfecting a dog's paws after walking with a washcloth is very simple. It is important that these are like one of these three options:

  • Wet wipes for dogs.
  • Alcohol-free, fragrance-free baby wipes.
  • Small wipes moistened with water and dog shampoo.

To clean your dog, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Have the wipes of your choice ready at the entrance of your home. Thus, when you return from the walk, you can clean your dog at the entrance and prevent possible viruses and bacteria from escaping through the house.
  2. With the wipe, clean all of your dog's legs one by one, making special effort on the pads, which are the ones that have come into contact with the street floor the most. As a preventive measure, it is advisable to use one wipe per leg.
  3. With another washcloth, wipe his muzzle as well, as dogs often sniff the ground and other dogs' urine.
  4. Finally, with a towel, carefully dry both the legs and the muzzle of your furry dog..

In no case should it be used on dogs irritating products like alcohol or much less bleach, even if diluted.

Option 2: water and dog shampoo

To clean our dog's paws when we get home, it also serves water and the usual dog shampoo. In this case, we will do the following:

  1. If you decide to disinfect your dog's paws at the entrance of the house, put a towel so that the floor does not get wet. If, on the other hand, you prefer to clean it in the bathroom, you can carry it there in your arms to prevent it from spreading possible viruses and bacteria on the floor.
  2. Gently rub your dog's paws with water and dog shampoo. Try not to rub too hard so as not to hurt her.
  3. Then carefully rub his snout as well. Try not to get soap in your nose, as it could be bothersome or you might be tempted to lick yourself off the soap.
  4. Then, use some clean water to remove the soap residue. If you clean your dog at the entrance of the house, you can have a bucket of warm water on hand.
  5. Finally, with a towel, dry each of the parts that you have cleaned of your dog.

To dry your dog, avoid using dryers or other products that would only harm your skin.

Other hygiene measures after the walk

Other hygiene measures to consider after walks include the correct hand washing of the person who has taken the dog out. In fact, this manual hygiene, with soap and water and following sanitary recommendations, has to be done both after and before the ride. Hand washing was always recommended after handling the dog. Likewise, their belongings and toys should be cleaned frequently..

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Can I walk my dog ​​if I have coronavirus?

The answer is no. People who are positive for the new coronavirus, whether they have symptoms or not, have to be kept in confinement to avoid infecting other people. Likewise, those that have not been tested but show symptoms compatible with SARS-CoV-2 also have to be kept indoors. Ideally, they should be in their own home isolated from other members of their family, pets included. Therefore, another person would have to take care of the dog, following the recommendations of the health authorities and taking into account how to clean the dog's paws when arriving home during quarantine, as we have explained in the previous section.

The problem is that there are not a few caregivers who are alone at home or have no one to turn to to take care of their dog. If for this reason of force majeure a person sick with COVID-19 is forced to take him out for a walk, it is It is essential that you take extreme hygiene measures spread, wear a mask and do not come into contact with other people. At home, the recommendation is to maintain the same precautions as for people, that is, limiting contact and frequent hand washing, especially before and after interacting, which is essential, with the dog..

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