How to make a home gym for cats?

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In this AnimalWised article, we will explain how to make a homemade cat gym. It is very important that we provide our cat, whatever his age, the opportunity to exercise and develop activities according to his nature.

This is necessary to ensure their physical and psychological well-being, avoiding stress and overweight problems, which are very common, especially in cats that live indoors. Here are some ideas to keep all types of cats active.

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  1. Why make a home gym for cats?
  2. Wall-mounted cat gym
  3. Home gym ideas for kittens
  4. Gym Ideas for Senior Cats
  5. Gym Ideas for Shy Cats

Why make a home gym for cats?

First of all, before explaining how to make a home gym for cats, some basic premises must be taken into account. A gym is essential as part of the environmental enrichment that should characterize every home with a cat. Cats are easily stressed when they cannot develop their natural behaviors such as climbing, jumping, scratching or running. In addition, they must have places to rest and quiet spots for feeding and evacuation. The lack of these conditions results in problems, notably urine marking..

If you look at it, cats do not live like us or dogs on the ground, but they climb to different heights. In fact, they love to watch from them. Therefore, the cat's home has to be three-dimensional. Walls and furniture, for example, are part of our cat's home gym. You can even take advantage of the roof.

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Wall-mounted cat gym

A home gym for cats is made with any element we can think of, depending on the space available, the characteristics of the cat and our ability, which is what, ultimately, will determine how to make a home gym for cats. These gyms can also be called wall gyms, because the vertical element it is essential.

Just placing some wooden shelves, wicker baskets or boxes, for example like those of fruit, we can make a good gym. Depending on the weight of the cat, these elements will have to be more or less resistant. You also have to calculate the size of the cat for the distance between all of them, so that it can go up and down from one to the other. The difficulty or complexity will depend on the characteristics of our cat.

Even if we place them at a considerable height, the first step must always be accessible to the cat, from the ground or from a piece of furniture. It is recommended that at least some section, be near a window, since cats love to control from the heights. This would be the base to build our home gym. In the following sections we explain some ideas that complete this simple circuit according to each cat.

Home gym ideas for kittens

How to make a home gym for cats can be easier if we still have a kitten, since, due to its low weight, we can use evenso cardboard boxes. It is also a good idea to add a scraper that we can make at home with a wood or a roll of cardboard lined with rope or a simple doormat. If we hang it on the wall we are taking advantage of the space. Also, many cats prefer to scratch vertically..

Kittens are especially playful, so that's a good idea hang toys with whom they can interact. A simple sock filled with paper balls tied to any of the gym items will be a sure hit..

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Gym Ideas for Senior Cats

Although how to make a home gym for cats when they are older is, basically as we have already indicated, we may have to do some adaptations, especially if mobility problems have appeared. The cat does not usually complain, but we can notice that it no longer climbs to the places of yesteryear.

One solution to keep you in the gym is decrease the height of your pieces and put ramps or stairs between them that allow the cat to go up and down comfortably. It is also a good idea to have a cushion or a soft bed on your favorite shelf to rest on. If it can be close to a heat source, all the better. Despite these modifications, if the cat does not use the gym, there is the option of arranging it horizontally.

Gym Ideas for Shy Cats

By shy cat we mean those less sociable specimens that try to go unnoticed, but also those that are convalescing and, sometimes, reduce their interactions or those that live with others and need to have a quiet and lonely space.

For them, how to make a home cat gym follows the same procedure as the one explained, but we will add closed boxes, so that the cat can stay hidden. The size of these must be adjusted for a single cat and they tend to prefer to be in the heights or, at least, camouflaged and out of the traffic the home or the reach of children or other animals.

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