How to make a rabbit affectionate?

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Rabbits are suspicious and skittish animals by nature, so having one at home you can't expect it to be all love and affection right off the bat. Rough or sudden gestures, loud noises, and trying to pet him when he doesn't want to will only create more problems in getting him to trust you and feel comfortable in your company..

The relationship with your rabbit needs to be built little by little, with patience and a lot of tact, because it is very possible that you are doing something wrong without knowing it.. ¿You want to know how to make your rabbit affectionate? In the following article we show how to achieve it.

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  1. Meet your rabbit
  2. Let me know the space
  3. How to make my rabbit love me?
  4. What should you never do to your rabbit?
  5. How to know if your rabbit is happy?

Meet your rabbit

Gain the trust from a rabbit is a bit more complicated than getting that from a cat or dog, for example. It is a mammal used to being prey, so it interprets any other larger being as a possible predator. That is why your main task is to make your new friend understand that it is not among your plans to turn it into dinner..

Understanding what intimidates or worries you is the first step to getting your relationship off to a good start. In general, rabbits they hate being lifted off the ground, so if you do it you will only cause him to fear you and run away from you. On the other hand, one of the moments when they are calmer is just after eating, so this is the best time to weave the threads of your relationship..

If your rabbit is scared, it will try to hide and it may even be a bit aggressive, because something you have done indicated that you are a danger to it. In general, they prefer not to touch their tails or legs.

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Let me know the space

If you just brought a rabbit home, the first thing is let him identify his new surroundings and feel safe in it. Let him walk on his own in the different spaces of the house, always under your supervision, of course, to prevent him from having an accident or escaping and losing him forever. Be especially careful with the cables, as if you bite them you are in danger of suffering an electric shock. In other words: before letting go of your furry, make the area for your rabbit a safe zone.

Let me sniff all you want, nibble and jump and explore every corner. Do this especially with areas of the home where you have determined that the rabbit will spend most of the time. When you accompany him on this tour, be attentive but a little distant, so as not to scare him and allow him to explore calmly, without feeling threatened.

Respecting their spaces is another of the key points in the relationship and making your rabbit more affectionate. If at any time he does not feel like playing with you or being caressed, understand him and allow him to be to his liking, without pestering him with too much attention..

How to make my rabbit love me?

The relationship between you and your rabbit should be built with patience, compression and a lot of love, Only in this way will you achieve not only that he is affectionate with you, but also that you become a person in whom he really trusts and with whom he feels comfortable. So that your rabbit is not afraid of you and trusts you, the best thing you can do is:

  • Get at his height, literally: When you spend time with him, sit or lie down on the floor, so your figure and your height will not be so intimidating.
  • give it timeWatch what he does and let him come to you when he's ready, don't push him.
  • Have treats handy: At the same time, keep a delicious rabbit pellet nearby that you can offer him if he is too shy. When he approaches to taste the treat, caress him gently, without shock; This will serve as positive reinforcement and, little by little, you will get him to associate your presence with pleasant situations. Making your rabbit not afraid of you can be easy if you follow the right techniques.
  • Don't pick it up off the ground: As mentioned above, rabbits hate moose, this makes them feel very unsafe, so try not to lift it off the ground unless strictly necessary.
  • Soft voice tone: use a soft and calm tone of voice whenever you speak to him, avoid shouting or making loud sounds at all costs, try to convey tranquility and relaxation.

With these mammals, a false step can cause the advances you have made to gain your rabbit's trust to fade, so you must keep these recommendations in mind at all times, otherwise, you will cause fear and mistrust again..

What should you never do to your rabbit?

As you may have noticed, making your rabbit affectionate depends largely on gaining his trust and making him feel absolutely comfortable and secure in your company. And so that you can achieve it, apart from the advice we have given you, there are some last recommendations on things you should avoid doing if you don't want your little friend to be afraid of you:

  • Never approach him from behind or by surprise, this will only scare him.
  • Do not play to chase him, because he will feel that you are a predator and he will stop trusting you.
  • Never yell at him.
  • Don't force spaces for affection, let it come to you when it feels comfortable.
  • If he is nervous, do not try to touch his face, nose or chin, as he will bite you and interpret this as a sign of dominance on your part..
  • If you try to remove him from his cage and you notice that he is nervous and does not want to go, it is best to wait for him to calm down.
  • Never lift it without protection, it is preferable to place a towel on your lap and the rabbit on it, this way you will prevent it from jumping or slipping from your hands.

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How to know if your rabbit is happy?

As with other animals, to know if your rabbit loves you, you have to learn to read their reactions And to understand what he expresses with his gestures is crucial to know if you are doing things well, and if your furry friend feels good with you. For example:

  • A happy rabbit will never growl at you: on the contrary, when they feel comfortable they make a kind of chattering with their teeth, similar to the purr of cats, an ideal time for you to caress them.
  • Will look for you: when he wants to be with you, he will look for you at home and tap your foot gently with his head or he will want to climb up your leg, this is a sign that he wants to play.
  • Lick you: in addition, when he is comfortable with your caresses, he will gently rub his little nose against your hand, or he will even lick you.

All these actions indicate that he loves you very much, ¡he is showing you his affection! And finally, do not forget to consult our article on "Basic rabbit care " to guarantee not only their happiness, but also their well-being and health..

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