How to make my cat love me?

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Cats are much more social animals than we usually believe. They love being petted, spending time with us, and chasing us around the house, keeping an eye on everything we do. At least, this is what we expect when we adopt a cat, but this is not always the case..

If you have adopted a feline, surely you are having a hard time winning his affection. He is elusive and does not want to receive your pampering. You may also have been together for a long time and before he was very affectionate. However, now his attitude has changed. If this is your case, do not miss this AnimalWised article in which we tell you how to make your cat love you.

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  1. How do I know if my cat loves me?
  2. Causes why my cat does not love me
  3. How can I make my cat love me more?

How do I know if my cat loves me?

Before knowing how to make your cat love you, you must bear in mind that each feline is different. Some want to always be with us, but others they need their space. Your cat may ignore you, walk away when you approach, or reject your petting. However, when he wants to, he approaches you and asks for pampering. This behavior is normal and your cat loves you.

On the other hand, he may have been very affectionate before, but his character has changed. Now ignores you, rejects you or, even, attacks you. In this case, you must discover the cause of this change and take steps to make your cat love you again..

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Causes why my cat does not love me

Before knowing how to make your cat love you, you have to know the causes. Only then can you correct what you are doing wrong. These are the most common causes that can explain why your cat does not love you:

  • He still doesn't know you well- If you just adopted your cat, it will take a while for them to become fond of you and show their affection.
  • You are too lovingCats hate being forced to do things they don't want to do, like being petted. Some cats are less affectionate than others and you must respect their personality.
  • Has linked you to a bad experience: Your first contact may have been rough, that you have hurt or punished him. Cats don't understand punishments. To educate them, we must use positive reinforcement.
  • A sudden change: felines love routine. It transmits security and confidence to them. An abrupt change, such as a move or the arrival of another cat, can transform their behavior.
  • You are not getting the care you need: the main cause of inappropriate behavior in cats is a stressful environment and insufficient care.
  • He is sick- Physical pain or discomfort can also cause behavior changes in cats.

How can I make my cat love me more?

The solution to a behavior problem in cats depends on the cause that originated it. If you have already been able to identify it, let's see how to make your cat love you.

Give it space and time

When a cat comes to our home, we are eager to pamper it. However, if we want the relationship to start off on the right foot, we must hold back. The cats they need time and space to suit us. They must get used to our presence and lose our fear. Then, ¿how to make my kitty love me.

In no case should you force the situation. Cats relate to people as equals and they take very badly that we force them to do something. We should never force them to receive caresses or to climb on top of us.

To get the love of your cat, you must create a climate of security and trust. Test to seduce you with prizes or games and wait for them to come voluntarily. Whenever you caress him, he will come closer, smell you and rub his body on your legs or your arms. Only then do you have permission to touch him. If you want to know more, we recommend this article with 5 tips to gain the trust of a cat.

Improve your environment

One of the main causes of behavior change in cats is anxiety. Cats that live indoors can be just as happy as those that go outside. However, they sometimes suffer from stress because they cannot satisfy their basic instincts (hunting, climbing, scratching). When this happens, their character changes and they can even attack us.

¿How to make my cat love me again? If you want your cat to be happy and cuddly, you must stimulate your instincts and intelligence. You can help yourself with these resources of environmental enrichment:

  • ScraperFelines need to scratch to care for their nails, mark territory, and relieve stress.
  • Platforms and hiding places: they love to watch their prey from high places and hide in dark places.
  • Hunting and stalking toysSome toys stimulate the instinct to chase and catch, such as fishing rods or hanging objects.
  • Wit toys: they are objects that hide food and cats have to use their intelligence to get it.
  • Social interaction games: if you want to make your cat love you, you must play with him. Do it at least 2 times a day for about 10 minutes or more.

Ensures your well-being

To make your cat love you, make sure its basic needs are met. Poor nutrition can lead to health and behavior problems. Cats must take quality food, appropriate to their species and age. They must always have available water, well clean and separated from food.

As for your hygiene, the most important thing is taking care of your hair. Must brush it daily and give it malt once a week to help it expel any hairballs. It is also important to clean your ears when they are dirty, brush your teeth daily and trim your nails when they are long. Cats do not need to bathe, except those that do not have hair.

In addition, you must make sure that your feline has all the necessary resources. The sandbox it has to be stable, bare and of a good size, with a suitable and very clean substrate. Likewise, it must be located in a quiet place and away from the food and water bowl, since these animals prefer to have these spaces totally separate..

Your cat needs one too padded crib or igloo to rest. They love heights and concave surfaces. Finally, we must not forget about the toys, essential to maintain your physical and mental health.

Monitor their health

Although they live indoors, cats are exposed to infectious diseases that can cause changes in their behavior. Therefore, it is important that they are vaccinated and dewormed. Additionally, we must remain attentive to any symptoms of illness and go to the vet for routine check-ups..

If you consider that your cat has everything he needs and does not show you affection, he may have a health problem. To discard it, consult a vet. Only a professional can help you solve this problem and will advise you on how to make your cat love you.

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