How to make the neighbor's dog stop barking?

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The barking of a dog is one of the many reasons that can cause a dispute between neighbors. It is not strange, since while some dogs limit themselves to barking a couple of times at specific moments, others are dedicated to barking repeatedly throughout the day, a fact that can be really stressful for you, prevent you from resting and harm your long term health.

If you are experiencing this situation, surely you will feel reasonably upset and for this reason you want to know how to stop the neighbor's dog from barking. In addition, you may find yourself worried about the animal, since excessive barking is a clear indication that it is not well. For this reason, at AnimalWised we advise you how you can act in this tricky situation..

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  1. Why doesn't my neighbor's dog stop barking?
  2. What can I do if my neighbor's dog won't stop barking?
  3. Should I call the police if my neighbor's dog won't stop barking??

Why doesn't my neighbor's dog stop barking?

Excessive barking is a very common problem in many dogs, since, although it is natural for the dog to bark, This is an action that begins and ends with a specific purpose. Conversely, when a dog constantly barks it is reason for alarm, since the behavior goes from being something normal to something that reflects dissatisfaction or discomfort in the animal. Let's see the main reasons:

Boredom and frustration

This is one of the main reasons why dogs tend to bark, as the lack of exercise and entertainment, especially if the owner does not spend enough time with his dog and, in addition, he does not have toys and elements with which to entertain himself. home. This fact causes that the dog feels nervous and stressed, resulting in behavior problems such as excessive barking.

Also, there is many times the error of believing that if the animal lives in a house with a large plot or garden, He will already be distracted and, therefore, it is not necessary to walk him, but nothing is further from reality, because despite having space, the dog will hardly begin to wander through it, because he knows him and does not bring him anything new.

Here you will find other symptoms of a bored dog.

Separation anxiety

Many dogs usually start crying once their masters march from home, because they miss them. This behavior is associated with separation anxiety, and usually occurs in dogs which are excessively attached to their masters, to the point where "they can't live if they".

That is to say, feel insecure and stressed when they are alone, and for this reason, they need to call their owners to keep them company. This problem is usually more evident when the dog destroys the house, urinates and defecates, and the owner even finds it right in front of the door when they get home.

Barking alarm and insecurity

Instinctively, the dog usually barks when something or someone approaches its territory, to to protect your space and notify the owner that something is coming. However, it is the owner's job to help their dog understand that outsiders (such as people, other dogs walking, and even noise) are not a threat and should therefore remain calm. P

for this same reason, those dogs that are rather unsafe, they are more likely to be alarmed when they see strangers outside (especially if they feel lonely). In turn, dogs that are bored also tend to make this kind of barking more frequently, because when they are nervous and with nothing to distract themselves, barking at outsiders is the only activity they can do..

Compulsive barking

This kind of barking is especially serious, because in this case we are talking about a stereotypical behavior, which is characterized by repetitive and monotonous barking for a long time. These, like all kinds of compulsive behaviors, indicate a severe disturbance in well-being of the animal, and can be a consequence of the cases mentioned above when they last for too long without providing a solution.

Not feeling well

Finally, it should not be ruled out that the dog barks because it is suffer from any pain or illness, which causes this behavior, for example cognitive dysfunction. In these cases, the behavior usually starts abruptly, that is, the neighbor's dog may have never barked excessively for years, but suddenly, he has started this behavior frequently. In any case, a veterinarian will undoubtedly be the most apt to diagnose if this is the cause..

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What can I do if my neighbor's dog won't stop barking?

Although it can be uncomfortable many times, it is best to approach your neighbor and explain the situation. Many owners when they leave home they do not know that their dog barks, or at least, they do not imagine that they can get to do it all the time. For this reason, communicate this problem as soon as possible it will be the most recommendable. In turn, try talk to other neighbors that they are suffering this situation, so that they also comment to him. In this way, your neighbor will see that the problem is not only yours, but is contrasted by many people.

At the moment of taking this important step, avoid being aggressive at all costs, In other words, avoid all kinds of threats such as "I will have to contact the police", for example, since surely your neighbor will be defensive and there will be no way to reach a mutual agreement. Therefore, try to explain in an empathetic and gentle way that this situation tastes bad, but that the barking of the dog does not let you rest or carry out your routines normally..

If possible, try to find out what makes the dog bark specifically, as we have commented, there are various causes for which this can happen. In this way, you can give the owner more details so that he can solve this behavior problem, whether it is when other dogs or people pass by on the street, when the owner leaves the home, etc. You can even try record it when this happens to make the explanation more credible.

Finally, explain that their dog is not a lost cause, because due to misinformation many owners think that certain behaviors cannot be corrected. For this reason, locate exactly why he is barking and, with the correct advice of a vet or from a canine trainer, can improve the well-being of your pet and that of the neighborhood.

Should I call the police if my neighbor's dog won't stop barking??

Unfortunately, there are many owners who are not responsible enough to accept the great responsibility that owning a dog implies. And therefore, they do not attend basic needs of your pets, which are, provide them with food, security, affection, entertainment, exercise and a basic education. Whatever the situation for which the dog barks, we should not pay it with it, since no matter how annoying you are, you have to be aware that the animal does not do it expressly to annoy, but out of necessity.

In any case, as we have commented, it will be the owner's job to help you to stop this behavior. However, if unfortunately your neighbor does not empathize with your situation or attend to reasons, without a doubt, you will have to make the decision to contact the authorities to report the case, especially if you see signs of abuse or neglect in the dog, since this is the main victim of the circumstances. In addition, obviously, you have the right to be in your home without discomfort from third parties, which prevent you from resting and damage your health in the long term. As a last option, you could take legal action if there is no other solution.

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