How to make homemade guinea pig toys?

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If we have decided to share our life with a guinea pig, in addition to informing ourselves about the care of the guinea pig, as well as its needs in terms of food and health, surely we are interested in knowing how to interact with them. A good way is through play.

Therefore, in this AnimalWised article, we are going to explain how to make homemade guinea pig toys. And, if we are good at crafts for guinea pigs, we will be able to get a good amount of inexpensive and very fun games for our guinea pig. If you don't know what guinea pigs play with, ¡keep reading this AnimalWised article!

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  1. Homemade tunnels for guinea pigs
  2. Guinea pig park
  3. Paper balls for guinea pigs
  4. Guinea pig maze
  5. Guinea pig houses
  6. Edible toys for guinea pigs
  7. Hanging toys for guinea pigs
  8. Gnaw toys for guinea pigs
  9. Ramps for guinea pigs
  10. Roll of hay for guinea pigs

Homemade tunnels for guinea pigs

If we are interested in learning how to make homemade guinea pig toys, but we are not very skilled with our hands, we can start with a simple tunnel. We just have to look for a tube with enough diameter for our guinea pig to get in and out.

The cardboard ones can be used, similar to those of kitchen or toilet paper. Another option is PVC-type plastic, wood or wicker. In general, any tube can be used for the guinea pig, although it must be taken into account that I could chew it. Guinea pigs love to hide, so offering tubes is always a hit.

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Guinea pig park

The guinea pig park is a must. If we ask ourselves how to make homemade toys for guinea pigs, the park cannot be absent and has the advantage that it admits all the complexity of which we are capable. With the park, the aim is to define a safe area in which the guinea pig can play and run without posing any risk to your safety.

We say that it is essential because the welfare of the guinea pig passes through power exercise daily. Therefore, the first thing is to make sure that we make a leak-proof perimeter and that, from it, the guinea pig cannot access cables, plants or any other dangerous material. The park can be used both indoors and outdoors and, of course, we can introduce it all the toys we consider, plus water and food if the guinea pig is going to be in it for a long time.

We can build the structure using wooden frames and metal mesh that closes it completely, even from the top, forming a box. It does not need to have a foundation. On the other hand, if we want it with soil, we can use an inflatable children's pool.

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Paper balls for guinea pigs

Another very simple option that we can turn to if we are not particularly crafty is a paper ball. Making this homemade toy for guinea pigs has no mystery, since it is only about crumple a sheet of paper until I make a ball.

The guinea pig is going to like it drag it around its enclosure and try to unfold it. If he eats it, we take it away. Another option is to make the ball with natural string, so that it can be gnawed safely. Some guinea pigs learn to pick up and return the ball we throw at them.

Guinea pig maze

The maze is another of the toys that we can complicate according to our skill. How to make this homemade guinea pig toy will depend on this. Of course, whether simple or complex, the most important thing is to choose non-toxic materials. Let's not forget that the guinea pigs are going to gnaw it.

The most used materials for mazes are wood, more durable, and cardboard. The idea is to make a base with walls that we will join with non-toxic glue or nails. Logically, the layout of the walls will form the typical labyrinth. We should do a sketch of how we want it before you start cutting and nailing.

It is important to take into account the dimensions of the guinea pig to make sure that it cannot escape and that it passes well through all the corridors. Can also be closed at the top with mesh.

Guinea pig houses

Cardboard boxes are the star product when it comes to making houses for guinea pigs, although they can also be used non-toxic plastic or wooden boxes. The houses for these animals are not only a refuge or a place of rest, they can also be used to play.

It depends on how we make this homemade guinea pig toy that it becomes a place of fun for her. In this case, space is important. We can use upside down shoe boxes. What it is about is to mount different heights and open several holes that act as doors and windows so that the guinea pig can run up and down and not only take shelter.

Edible toys for guinea pigs

There is nothing to explain about how to make these homemade guinea pig toys, since it is only about offering them food. The trick is turn it into a game. For example, if we hide pieces of fruit, special bars for guinea pigs or peppers, we can entertain the guinea pig.

The result is a way of environmental enrichment essential for your well-being. One idea in this regard is to offer them a pot in which we will have planted edible vegetables. In this way, the guinea pig will enjoy eating and digging in the dirt. Let's remember to do it on an easy-to-clean floor.

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Hanging toys for guinea pigs

Any toy that we offer to our guinea pig we can turn it into a pendant, simply tying it to a higher point, although taking into account the size of the guinea pig so that you can access it. That is how simple it is how to make homemade toys for guinea pigs and let them hang.

They are worth both balls and food or even houses or beds that we can make with old rags placed as a hammock. On the other hand, hanging stairs can be used to climb to different heights.

Gnaw toys for guinea pigs

As soon as we observe our guinea pig, we will have realized that it is going to gnaw everything it finds. Therefore, how to make homemade toys for guinea pigs that can gnaw is simple, but we must always bear in mind that the material is not toxic.

A classic is the pieces of wood. The trick is to arrange them in different ways to offer them new products from time to time. For example, we can tie several pieces together with a string. They can also serve small boxes in which it can hide. This type of toys cannot be absent in any case because the guinea pig needs to wear its teeth.

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Ramps for guinea pigs

The ramps are a complement that can be added to the houses or used to go up and down if the guinea pig has spaces at various heights. That is precisely their grace, since they allow the guinea pig exercise while having fun exploring your environment.

Therefore, they are another element of environmental enrichment. How to make this homemade toy for guinea pigs is simple, since it serves a simple wood that we hold, hard cardboard or a ladder. As always, you have to measure the size and length, as it cannot become an insurmountable obstacle. It is also necessary to monitor their safety, so that the guinea pig cannot slip and fall.

Roll of hay for guinea pigs

We finish these ideas on how to make homemade guinea pig toys with a classic like the roll of hay. It is a very simple toy to make and, in general, very successful. It is done with a roll of toilet paper and hay.

With scissors, we make some small cuts on the two edges of the roll to open it a little more and we introduce as much hay as we can. The guinea pig will have fun shifting the roll throughout its enclosure with the plus that you can eat the hay.

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