How to make a malnourished cat fat

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Unfortunately, sometimes we find a small stray cat that at first glance is seen to be malnourished. If we feel sorry for the animal and want to adopt it or help it regain its original weight, we must be aware that for weeks we must take special care with our malnourished cat.

It may also be the case that we adopt the adult cat in an animal protection organization, and the malnourished cat has not yet recovered from its previous life..

Whatever the reason, in this AnimalWised article we help you know how to make a malnourished cat fat.

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  1. Go to the vet
  2. Main cause of malnutrition
  3. Hairballs in a cat's stomach
  4. Other causes of malnutrition
  5. Foods you can offer to a malnourished cat

Go to the vet

The first thing we must do when adopting any pet is a visit the vet. He will administer the relevant vaccinations, perform an examination to rule out other diseases and issue an appropriate diagnosis of the cat's situation..

In the event that said visit is on a malnourished cat, the veterinarian will establish the ideal nutritional pattern. However, while we cannot make the visit to the vet we must, first of all, deworm the animal and provide high protein foods and without excessive fat to help you strengthen your muscles.

York ham, turkey slices and cooked chicken (always without salt) will be to your liking and good for your body. They will help you regain your weight in a tasty way.

Main cause of malnutrition

The lack of food it is the main cause of malnourished cats. However, this cause usually occurs in cats of a few months, and is not so common in adult cats..

If the cause of malnutrition is lack of food, it will be convenient to provide the cat with food and water as soon as possible. You must be cautious and administer food in small doses but very regularly so as not to create too sudden a change in your bowel rhythm.

If the only cause of malnutrition is lack of food, in a few weeks the cat will be perfectly restored.

Hairballs in a cat's stomach

Another common and more dangerous cause than lack of food is that our cat lodge hairballs in the stomach, or in the intestine.

If so, we must supply petroleum jelly by smearing one of its legs. The cat will lick its paw to remove the sticky matter and ingest the product. The petroleum jelly will effectively help the cat to evacuate the hairballs. Hairballs dehydrate the animal and prevent it from eating regularly. If left untreated, it can become a dangerous problem for your health..

When hairballs or other objects (strings, threads, etc.) obstruct the cat's intestine, they occur various symptoms:

  • repeated dry cough
  • retching after eating
  • apathy
  • disinterest in food

Sometimes parasites such as fleas can cause the cat to lick its hair more frequently and be an aid in the formation of hairballs in the intestinal tract..

Other causes of malnutrition

Malnutrition can also appear as consequence of other diseases that the cat may suffer:

  • internal parasites
  • feline aids
  • cat flu
  • toxoplasmosis
  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • leukemia
  • distemper

It is for this reason that we emphasize the importance of going to the specialist, only he can rule out that he suffers from diseases that cause malnutrition in the cat.

Foods you can offer to a malnourished cat

Knowing how to make a malnourished cat fat is complicated because each case is different and unique. In order for the whole process to be successful and to achieve a suitable weight level for your cat, follow our advice:

For get her attention and get her to start eating You must offer tasty food in small portions, in this way the cat's digestive system will not be surprised by a large input of food. As we have mentioned before, you can use slices of turkey or ham.

Once you see that the cat accepts the food you offer, you can go to a store and get wet food, which, unlike balanced feed, awakens the appetite more and will hydrate it thanks to its high water content..

  • For a better acceptance of the food you can choose gastrointestinal food (essential if you notice diarrhea)

Once you observe how the cat begins to regain its weight, you can change its diet to balanced feed. This type of food is the most recommended since it contains all the proteins, fats and oils necessary for the proper development of the cat.

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