How can I earn my cat's trust?

Maintain a good relationship with your cat, can sometimes be a difficult task, as the felines They have different behaviors that make them unique and different, they are also animals that like to have their space and time alone. 

The trust between you and your pet, is fostered through gestures of affection that you have towards him, especially if you take good care of them and are always there for what he needs, therefore your kitten will observe that you are a trustworthy person and part of his family. 

Nevertheless, if you think that your cat does not have much confidence in you, or you notice him being distant with you or other family members, then it was time to do something about it, therefore we present below some tips to gain the trust of your kitten. 

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  • Tips to Gain Your Cat's Trust
    • 1. Let It Adapt To Home
    • 2. May your Presence be Positive
    • 3. Avoid Unnecessary Punishments
    • 4. Hold Game Sessions
    • 5. Love them and love them very much
  • Ways to know if your cat trusts you
    • 1. He always wants to be by your side
    • 2. It rubs against you
    • 3. Are you looking for a gift?

Tips to Gain Your Cat's Trust

Cats can be somewhat complicated animals, especially with their behaviors, which will make us think that they are other humans, however you can perform certain actions that improve their relationship and they can trust you more. 

1. Let It Adapt To Home

East advice, applies more to cats that have just arrived at your home, if you have recently adopted a kitten, let him investigate and get to know the house, try not to carry them or keep them always in one place. 

Remember, that cats are very territorial, Therefore, the arrival to a new environment, for them means a danger zone, therefore let them know that they are in a safe place, establish their rest and play areas. 

If you want to earn the trust of your newly adopted kitten, so be sure to let him know that your house is also his house, especially give your kitty some space to sleep, eat, relieve yourself Y play

2. May your Presence be Positive

Cats are easily scared animals, that's why always try to show yourself calm and serene when you go to touch or caress them, Above all, he will associate your presence as something positive.. 

Always treat him well, offer him prizes and caresses, so little by little, your cat will know that when he is with you nothing bad will happen to him. 

3. Avoid Unnecessary Punishments

It is one thing to scold and another is punish, Some owners yell at their cat or they take away the food, without a doubt this is something you should never do with your kitten, If you want to educate your feline, use positive behaviors and always stay calm

On the other hand, if you want to correct a behavior, then investigate why your cat is behaving that way, most of the causes are due to things that cause them stress or fear. 

If you don't know what to do to correct aggressive behavior in your pet, therefore, we recommend you visit your veterinarian or cat expert, especially to help you identify what the problem is. 

4. Hold Game Sessions

Some owners do not care to play with a kitten, remember that homemade felines they get bored more easily, since there are fewer things that catch their attention, therefore it is important to maintain a routine of games each week. 

Above all, playing with your kitten increases confidence and improves his physical condition, Also, offer new games or toys, since if they are not always bored of the same thing, cats love to learn from each object, therefore it is good to bring something new home. 

However, if you are a busy person or who spends many hours away from home, then try to get a game center, scraper Y different toys, so when you can't play with your kitty he will have other ways to have fun. 

5. Love them and love them very much

This is the most important advice we can give you, unlike what is believed, cats are very emotional, and although they like to have their space; If you do not have the necessary care or our attention can enter into pictures of depression. 

Always give your kitten a lot of love, play with him, caress him, take good care of him, above all you have to be present whenever they need you. 

Ways to know if your cat trusts you

Very good!, Have you already gotten much closer to your feline?, However, below you will know some ways to find out if your cat trusts you, above all so that you are sure that you are both the perfect team.

1. He always wants to be by your side

If you cat has a lot of confidence and loves you a lot, He will not hesitate to spend many hours of the day with you or on top of you, of course! Let's not forget that he could ask you for some caresses and time to play, so you should always be there for your feline.

Also, if your cat wants to take a nap or lie down next to you, Congratulations! Your cat has great confidence in you, so never waste it..

2. It rubs against you

There is nothing better than arriving at your home, and that you little cat greets you by rubbing against you, and for them in a way of welcoming you and how much you care. 

Cats rubbing against their owners, they release some pheromones that help your feline mark territory and indicate that this human being belongs to him. Yes, your cat considers you his property.

3. Are you looking for a gift

You have not wondered Why does my cat bring me dead animals?, We know it sounds horrendous, but sometimes cats they give their prey to the family figure they love the most and trust the most.

Although, it can be a bit gross, your cat is only teaching you how you can survive in the feline world, that is, it considers you part of the pack. How would they say there; Hakuna Matata!

Does your cat trust you more?, if you notice that the relationship between you and your cat has improved since you read this article, then tell us how your experience has been, You can also visit our other articles about the exciting world of cats.

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