How to stop a dog from barking?

Barking is a dog's natural way of attracting the attention of its owner. But what to do when the dog literally won't shut up and this behavior annoys not only you, but also the neighbors?

Do not worry: can wean not just one puppy, but also to a adult dog of the barking. The main thing in this matter is patience and correct action.

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Raising a puppy

The earlier the owner starts training and raising the puppy, the easier it will be communicate with the dog in the future, not just for him, but for all family members. You have to be aware of the following:

  • The puppy you must take your orders of a word. As for barking, you can prevent it by using the "quiet " or "fu " commands (some prefer the long "no ").
  • It is believed that the positive reinforcement is the most effective way that allows the owner achieve their goals. How it works: When the command is successful, the dog is rewarded with a treat.

If the dog is silent, it should be encouraged. This will gradually make you understand that it is good and pleasant to obey the owner.

  • Animals must be punished correctly. In the case of a puppy's barking, you can click with your fingers on the nose several times while repeating "fu" (or "no"). The use of brute physical force is meaningless, since, having achieved the submission of the dog, intimidating, one can obtain not only obedience, but also mental disorders of the animal and, as a result, its possible inappropriate behavior in the future.

The reasons

Usually the dog barks to get attention. The owner should pay attention to situations where the puppy starts barking without stopping. They are usually associated with two points:

  • The manifestation of joy. The owner was absent for a long time or guests arrived. In this case, you must suppress the unwanted barking using the methods described above..
  • The appearance of a stressful situation. For example, a puppy barks at the door when you leave him alone in the apartment. If this happens, what we have to do is train the dog so that it gradually gets used to being alone at home. In this case, the landlord (and his neighbors) just need to be patient..

Adult dogs

When a adult dog appears in the house with his habits and character already formed, the owner must understand that training is possible, but it will require more time and patience than if it were a puppy. The basic working principles are the same as with the puppy. It is training the dog to follow the owner's orders through positive and negative reinforcement of the behavior.

An important point: Sometimes, to prevent adult dogs from barking, it is recommended to use devices such as special anti-bark collars, and surgical cutting of the ligaments may also be recommended. Doing this is strongly discouraged, as in the latter case it is plagued with dog health problems, up to inflammation.

The owner must understand that, with patience and affection, he can achieve the desired result much more effectively than with any punishment.

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