How to prevent a cat from climbing?

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Cats like heights, climbing on furniture, curtains, and even climbing walls. But, ¿why do they do it? ¿Should we avoid it? In that case, ¿how to prevent a cat from climbing in places that it should not? Feline behavior intrigues us and it is very important to learn to understand it in order to offer our kittens what they really need. The act of climbing or jumping is part of this behavior and then you will solve many of your doubts.

Find out in this AnimalWised article how to prevent your cat from climbing without harming your well-being or hindering your nature.

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  1. Why do cats like to climb?
  2. Is it good to prevent a cat from climbing?
  3. General tips to prevent the cat from climbing where it should not
  4. How to prevent a cat from climbing through the curtains?
  5. How to prevent the cat from climbing up our legs?
  6. How to prevent a cat from climbing trees?

Why do cats like to climb?

To understand how to prevent a cat from climbing in places that it should not, for example, on furniture, curtains, walls and trees, we first have to know why it does it. It is normal for us to think that cats carry it in their blood, that they feel the need to climb to any elevated place and then remain seated looking at us. Well, the truth is that we are not on the wrong track just because they climb instinctively.

The ancestors of cats already climbed because your body is designed for it. They have retractable claws to grip, a long tail that keeps them balanced, and an agile and stealthy body to hunt at heights that would seem dangerous to us..

In addition, their clavicles are different from ours and those of other animals. Are free-floating clavicles, that is, they are not attached to the shoulder joints, allowing them to move the front legs with great freedom in almost all directions. This is the reason why, almost always, they fall on their four legs. As we can see, the cat climbs and jumps by instinct and it is a natural behavior in this species.

Is it good to prevent a cat from climbing?

That a cat climbs is something very natural and it does not do it because it wants to bother, but because for him it is the most normal of the world. House cats need to feel the adrenaline of the heights just like those who live outside. To fulfill his desire to climb and satisfy the ancestral instinct, his behavior can be directed to a vertical space built for him. If the cat can climb whenever it wants in allowed places, it can burn energy and we will also avoid the possibility of it climbing up the walls or curtains.

Do not forget that cats also get bored due to lack of movement and this can lead them to develop depression, overweight or destructive behaviors, such as scratching furniture or pulling their own hair. Therefore, it is not good to prevent a cat from climbing, what we must do is provide adequate spaces for this activity.

General tips to prevent the cat from climbing where it should not

Now that we know that cats need to climb, jump and perch on high places, ¿How to prevent a cat from climbing in places that it should not? As we have commented, offering an adequate environmental enrichment to redirect this behavior towards permitted spaces. So, keep these tips in mind:

Scraper with various heights

As you know, cats love to be in the heights. They prefer to observe their surroundings from a high point of view, so they feel that everything is under control. Also, they like to sleep up high, because the height gives them security. For this reason, it is essential to offer them a space with different heights to rest and prevent them from wanting to climb walls or furniture, such as a scraper.. ¡The higher the cat scratcher, the better!

This structure represents an important part of the cat's habitat. The scratchers are wrapped with ropes so that cats can scratch and file their nails, so that they are not only used for climbing and resting high. These scratchers allow the animal to release energy and carry out another of the behaviors typical of the species: marking. So, if you have noticed that your cat scratches the furniture, ¡put scratchers on it!

Of course, the scratcher has to be interesting for him, fun, safe and offer him the possibility of jumping, climbing, scratching and lying on the top.

Obstacles in forbidden places

As much as cats love to climb, there are also some things they don't like. For example, they don't like something sticking to their paws or unpleasant textures. Therefore, in addition to enriching their environment, to prevent cats from climbing we have to ensure that this behavior becomes uninteresting for them in those places that we consider prohibited. Of course, always without harming the animal. Therefore, an effective and harmless solution is to put double sided tape in places where it should not climb. If you step on it, you will realize that it is a place where you cannot climb because the texture will be unpleasant and, therefore, you will lose interest.

Another option is to put a moving object when the cat goes up. It will teach you that moving on is not worth it. If your cat climbs on the counter, sofa or table, try not to stroke it but directly lower it. If not, they will take advantage of the attention you are giving them..

How to prevent a cat from climbing through the curtains?

Some cats climb up the curtains and others hide behind them, but, ¿why do you like them so much? They are fascinating to them because they move stealthily and sometimes even have an intriguing rope dangling. All these factors are an invitation to play for these animals. To prevent them from climbing up the curtains, it is necessary to make them uninteresting for cats. So, put them in such a way that they do not reach the ground or the windowsill so that the hem ends at least 10 centimeters above it. You can also tie them, especially if your cat is alone at home, and prevent it from moving.

On the other hand, don't forget to make sure there are plenty of other alternative play options for your cat to be entertained. Discover 10 games to entertain your cat in this other article.

How to prevent the cat from climbing up our legs?

¿Has your kitten ever crawled up your legs? The first time it can be fun to see how the cat grabs with its sharp nails in jeans, but if it becomes a habitual behavior, we must find out why it does it and how to avoid it because it could harm us. Let a cat climb up our legs has to do with finding food. From a very young age, cats learn to climb trees for safety while their mother goes hunting. In addition, it could also be that he sees your legs as a way to get to the height he wants, just like he would a tree.

For the above reasons, it is usual for the cat to climb up our legs when we prepare food for it. Therefore, it is a good idea for the cat to wait in another room while we do it. However, it is not so simple either because it is first necessary to create a calm environment to prevent the cat from stressing or suffering anxiety from feeling that "we forbid" him to enter the kitchen. With positive reinforcement, perseverance and, above all, coherence, we will make the animal understand that when we prepare its food it is not necessary for it to climb.

When we say that it is necessary to be consistent, we mean that we should not allow it to climb up our legs under any circumstances, since the animal will not understand why at times it can and at others not. Thus, if, for example, we are on the sofa and the cat climbs up our legs to climb, it is necessary to offer it a suitable alternative, such as a scratching post with various heights, a ramp or stairs. Under no circumstances will we scold the cat, we will simply offer him the alternative and reward him when he uses it.

How to prevent a cat from climbing trees?

If you want to prevent your cat from climbing the trees because you are afraid that he will not be able to go down again, you can rest assured, it is normal that he stays in the tree for a while waiting before going down. Climbing trees it is a natural behavior to hunt and observe its surroundings, but sometimes it can happen that a cat finds it difficult to get down again because the inclined position is rare for him. It worries you, but once you have learned it, it will no longer be a problem to climb down from the tree.

Now, if you are worried that your cat will escape from the garden and therefore you do not want him to climb the trees, you can put up a wire in the tree that prevents their access or at the height that you want your cat to stop climbing. Likewise, you can cover the trunk with aluminum foil to prevent it from climbing, you can reuse double-sided tape or plastic wrap because we already know that those textures do not like.

If you already have a fence and you can't prevent your cat from jumping over it, don't miss this other article: "¿How to prevent my cat from jumping over the fence? ".

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