How to prevent a cat from jumping over a fence?

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Cats are adventurous and with their enormous agility they use all the options to try to escape. The desire to explore takes hold of them and, as they are aerialists, they manage to jump any fence gracefully. We want to offer our cats the possibility of exploring beyond the walls of our house because we love them, therefore, we want to give them the maximum freedom as far as possible. But the street can be a very dangerous place and it would be better for the cat to stay in a protected enclosure, away from traffic and predators..

If you have wondered how you can prevent your cat from escaping from the garden or are looking for a solution so that your neighbor's cat does not enter without permission, we invite you to continue reading the tips that we share in AnimalWised to condition your garden accordingly. Discover how to prevent a cat from jumping a fence and start to remedy.

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  1. Anti escape fence for cats
  2. Anti-escape roller for cats
  3. Anti-escape barriers for balconies or terraces
  4. Tour times
  5. Natural repellents to prevent other cats from jumping your fence

Cat escape fence

If you live in a chalet and want to offer your cat the garden to play and rest, but not to go away, you may have wondered how to prevent it because they are escapist geniuses. We have to build a certain barrier. Thus, we need to cover the fence or the garden wall with a specially shaped mesh. The base fence has to be high enough so that the cat does not jump directly over it. They can be done quite high in a single jump, so the fence must be at least 2 meters. Then, we put the mesh at the top, with a minimum width 50 cm hanging over the base fence and fasten it in the shape of 90 arcº with squares. This prevents the feline from climbing it.

He will try to climb the fence a few times, but when he realizes that it is impossible, he will stop. It is important that the entire perimeter of the garden is fenced in this way so that the kitten has no where to escape. Also note that objects near the fence, surrounding trees or beams can help you escape from the garden..

¿Right there you have a tree that uses it to jump over the fence? ¿Or is the neighbor's tree useful for climbing? Then we recommend that you also place a net or mesh where the branches begin as a spider web, like an inverted umbrella, to prevent your cat from climbing the tree. If the tree is on the other side of the wall, ask your neighbor for permission to do so and prevent the cat from jumping into the neighbor's house.

¿The invisible anti-escaping fence for cats is good?

Within the wide range of anti-escape fences for cats we find those known as "invisible fences ". It is a zone limiter. We completely discourage these fences that transmit electrical impulses or electrostatic stimuli and educate the animal with fear and pain. The use of a receiver collar that is placed on the cat's neck causes serious health problems in the thyroid glands and produces negative behaviors in cats.

For all this, it is best to opt for a mesh fence like the one described above, which will simply make it difficult for the cat to climb it, without causing pain or fear..


Anti-escape roller for cats

The alternative to the escape fence is the anti-leak roller. Instead of using a mesh, this anti-escape option consists of placing a roller on top of your garden fence. In this way, the cat will not reach the top because the rotary mechanism it will prevent you from supporting your legs and holding on to get to the other side. The great advantage of the roller is that it can be mounted on an existing fence with a lower height, as long as you cannot jump it in a single jump.

For both this case and the previous one, we recommend placing soft surfaces on the ground in case the cat falls when trying to jump the fence, now with the obstacles. Until the cat realizes that it can no longer jump, it will try to do so and may slip trying.

Anti-escape barriers for balconies or terraces

Cats don't always land on all fours. If you have a balcony or terrace and you fear that your cat may jump or fall, we recommend the "gatio ", the yard for the cat. Your feline will be able to see the outside calmly and be safe at the same time. Of course, this will also avoid undesirable visits.

Attach a barrier material to the posts or rails, such as a net, and completely close the balcony. With wire or wire grids the barrier is strengthened. Everything joins well with cable ties. Once the balcony is prepared, it is time to make it attractive for your cat. You can put shelves with platforms at different heights so that he can have fun while watching the world go by.

Now, if you have a terrace and you want to prevent it from trying to jump, it is best to prepare a good structure with a fence and even with the anti-escape roller. In this case, it is even more important to get the height right so that the animal does not suffer any damage. Once the structure is installed, enriches the environment so you don't have the need to leave. Check out these articles:

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Tour times

Another way to prevent your cat from jumping a fence or jumping over to the neighbor's house is by establishing walk times. Your feline is probably trying to escape not because he is uncomfortable with you, but because he feels he needs to exercise, interact with other environments and animals, and discover the world. Therefore, there is no better way to meet these needs than taking him for a walk, since not only dogs need to go out for a walk.

You can educate your cat to walk with runsa and set departure times, preferably always the same, since cats are animals of habit that hate changes in their routine. In any case, it does not hurt to adapt your garden, balcony or terrace to avoid accidents.

Natural repellants to prevent other cats from jumping your fence

If you want the neighbor's cats to lose interest in your garden, there are natural repellants very effective that you can place in front of your fence, wall and gate:

  • Ground coffee.
  • Lavender, thyme and other aromatic plants.
  • Black pepper and hot spices.
  • Garlic.
  • Citrus, such as orange peel.

Please, avoid chemical repellants because they could be very toxic, both for animals and for people, especially for children. For this reason, we advise you to opt for natural repellants that simply keep cats away because the odors they give off are unpleasant. Find out more in this article: "Smells that cats hate ".

If your neighbor's cats constantly try to enter your garden, do not forget that you can also try to dialogue with him to adapt his own house.

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