How to avoid obesity in dogs?

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Obesity in the case of humans is an obvious concern around the world, not only at the level of physical health but also aesthetically worries us.

On the contrary, many dog ​​owners do not find excess weight in their pets a concern as they find it to be an adorable and sweet trait. Thinking that is a serious mistake.

It is very important that a dog maintains an optimal level of weight as appropriate for its size, breed and age. Otherwise, cardiovascular problems may appear, we favor the development of hereditary diseases and we damage their physical level as well as their activity. Become aware and inform yourself to prevent obesity in dogs.

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  1. How to detect an obese dog?
  2. Proper nutrition to prevent obesity
  3. Exercise to prevent obesity

How to detect an obese dog?

Spotting an obese dog is easy as they show a bulging belly, unfit for its constitution, remember that a dog in an ideal weight state will show its ribs slightly and a deviation towards the pelvic area will be noticed.

Dogs with this condition show a very sedentary behavior, They tend to be lying or inactive around the house and they don't seem to feel like going out for a walk. There are few behaviors as unnatural as this in a dog. In addition they also experience a constant feeling of hunger that leads to anxiety and will generate a behavior dependent on who feeds them.

Finally, we must emphasize that obese dogs have a much shorter life expectancy than other pets and can develop all kinds of diseases, be they respiratory, diabetes, pancreatitis and even heart attacks. If you are worried about your dog, be aware of the importance of being 100% healthy.

Proper nutrition to prevent obesity

For prevent obesity in dogs it is very important that you receive the right diet necessary for your weight and size. Failure to do so can begin to spell the beginnings of obesity. Go to your veterinarian if you have doubts about the food you offer him, he will guide you and guide you in the different types of diet.

Some tips on feeding:

  • Calculate the feed your pet needs and divide it into 2 or 3 meals, the feeling of hunger will be reduced in this way.
  • Try to always adhere to the same feeding schedules.
  • Varies diet on a regular basis, alternating feed, homemade diets and wet food.
  • Do not offer him sweets in excess, if you work with him training it is important that you use them only from time to time, otherwise he will not obey you when you do not have them.
  • Make sure your pet always has plenty of fresh and clean water at his disposal, you will reduce his feeling of hunger.
  • Do not give in to their requests for food, you must be responsible for the pet, give it the food in its stipulated doses.

Exercise to prevent obesity

In addition to food, it is very important that your dog remains active and fit, as appropriate according to his age. The binomial sport-feeding is revealed as the healthiest and healthiest formula to maintain a vital organism and this rule is fulfilled in both humans and dogs.

It does not matter if you have an elderly dog, he can also do activities to keep fit with specific exercise for him.

An exercise suggestion can be canicross, a sport that consists of the master and the dog running together, both of them held on a specific leash for this sport. However, you do not need to bring the level of exercise with the animal to this point. It will be enough for you to take good daily walks and exercise sessions with the dog during the weekends.

Some tips on exercise:

  • Avoid hot hours especially in molosser types of dog.
  • Find out about different activities to spend time with your dog.
  • Never exercise with your dog if he has just eaten, the combination of food and exercise can cause a stomach twist, deadly for your pet.
  • Observe his attitude during the moment of playing sports, be considerate and rest when he needs it.
  • Have fun with him and dedicate time and pampering during the moment you exercise.
  • If you are not very athletic you can go to the field or to the beach, the dog will exercise alone while you walk calmly.

This article is merely informative, at we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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