How do I choose the best feed for my cat?

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The cat feeding it is one of the main concerns that caregivers express as soon as the new member of the family arrives home. And is not for less. Diet is key to maintaining optimal health throughout life.

Currently we have so many options that it is normal that we have doubts about how to choose the best food for a cat. In this AnimalWised article we are going to explain the keys that allow us to hit the right food with the most balanced meal.

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  1. What to take into account to choose the best food for cats?
  2. How to interpret the labels of cat food?
  3. How to know if a cat food is of quality?
  4. How to know if it really is the best feed for our cat?
  5. The importance of hydration in cats

What to take into account to choose the best food for cats?

Although it seems obvious, it is not bad to remember that the first thing we must take into account if we want to know how to choose the best feed for our cat is the cat itself. Its characteristics will determine your nutritional needs. Thus, the requirements of a growing kitten are different from those of a sterilized adult cat, a pregnant or lactating cat, an elderly cat or a chronically ill one.. Classify our cat according to their needs allows us to make a first selection among the ranges of feed that we will find for sale.

How to interpret the labels of cat food?

Having selected the type of diet on which we should focus, if we want to know how to choose the best feed for cats it is essential that we learn to understand labels. In them the manufacturer provides us with information about the components of the food, ordered from highest to lowest according to quantity. Although the legislation does not oblige them to be exhaustive, from the labels we extract data such as the following:

  • Protein: must be the main ingredient. We will not only look at its percentage, since the main thing is its quality, that is, its origin, also a guarantee of digestibility, which is the amount that the cat can take advantage of. A feed composed of fresh or dried meat than by by-products or meat derivatives. In addition, some feeds contain hydrolyzed proteins with the aim of avoiding the development of food intolerances, so this data is synonymous with good quality.
  • Cereals or their by-products: it is usually the second ingredient in terms of quantity, although in the market we can find grain-free feed. A very high percentage or the fact of using by-products indicates a low quality feed.
  • Fats: it is recommended that they be unsaturated. They help the palatability, that is to say, that the feed is tasty, but its caloric intake must be controlled, especially in cats with overweight problems.
  • Fiber: essential for proper intestinal transit and hairball removal.
  • Minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants: highlights the taurine, But they can also include substances that protect the joints, beneficial to the skin, etc..
  • High levels of ash, calcium or phosphorus appear in poor quality feed. The same happens with excess preservatives, colorings or flavorings.

How to know if a cat food is of quality?

When reading the labels of the feed, it is likely that it seems to us that they all have a very similar composition, which is true, but the key to knowing how to choose the best cat food is in aspects such as quality of raw materials. As we have said, it is important that the meat stands out among the ingredients and not its by-products. In the first case, we guarantee its origin, which also remains constant in all bags, ensuring the same composition every time. On the other hand, by-products, flours or meat derivatives include parts such as hooves or horns that will be used in the feed depending on the market surplus, so that in each bag we can find a different composition. The quality of this product is going to be inferior.

Although a higher price is not synonymous with quality, an excessively cheap feed cannot offer sufficient quality. A good feed will have a high digestibility and energy density, which means that the amount that the cat must eat is less and less waste is produced, a fact that must also be taken into account when calculating the cost of both feed and sand.

In general, a product that offers a full labeling, With all kinds of details about its composition, it can help us get much closer to its manufacture and the raw materials it uses, so it can give us greater confidence. On the other hand, a feed for cats with an uninformative label can generate doubts and even rejection for not knowing what we are giving to our kitten..

A clear example of quality, which meets all the aforementioned requirements, is the cat food Cats Health by NFNatcane. NFNatcane is a company that works with natural ingredients, both of animal and vegetable origin, without preservatives or artificial colors, and offers a whole range of products at very affordable prices. Focusing on cat food, it stands out for its high content of meat, fish, salmon oil and duck fat, which translates into a good state of health of the feline. In addition, it does not contain cereals and the proteins have been hydrolyzed, which considerably reduces the risk of intolerances. Likewise, it is rich in probiotics and prebiotics, guaranteeing high digestibility..

Thanks to all the above, the NFNatcane Cats Health Gourmet feed helps prevent kidney stones, the formation of hairballs and favors the maintenance of the ideal weight of the cat.

How to know if it really is the best feed for our cat?

Putting into practice what we have explained about how to choose the best food for cats, we will surely find a good option, such as the aforementioned NFNatcane maca. We will know that we have succeeded if our cat is healthy, presents a shiny and soft hair, no dandruff, and removes a well-formed stool and compact. On the other hand, if the feed is not of quality or, even if it is, it does not suit our cat well, we will notice its coat in poor condition and it is possible that it will chronically present vomiting and soft stools. It will be time to change your feed, always gradually, since a sudden change can also cause digestive disorders.

The importance of hydration in cats

We know how to choose the best feed for our cat, but if we do not take into account hydration we may have to face health problems. Cats, contrary to what some people think, need water. The humidity of the feed is low, between 8-10%, to favor its conservation, so we have to ensure a continuous supply of fresh water. We can also offer you cans of wet food or, if he rejects them, his feed moistened with lukewarm water. Generally, feed manufacturers also make these products, so we do not have to change brands if our cat likes it. This aspect is especially important for cats with urinary problems.

In the following article we will find more tips to get a cat to stay well hydrated: "¿How to make my cat drink more water? ".

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