How to teach a cat to paw?

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Despite what many think, cats are capable of learning simple commands (and later more advanced) as long as we do things correctly and use positive reinforcement.

This time at AnimalWised we will explain how to teach my cat to paw, so you can interact with him and thus further strengthen the relationship with your pet.

It is very gratifying to see how your kitten is able to follow a command that you have taught him with great patience and being persistent because, without these two qualities, it will be impossible for you to perform any trick to teach a cat. So if you want your cat to learn to put its paw on the palm of your hand, keep reading this article and discover how to do it step by step..

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  1. How do I teach a cat tricks?
  2. Teach my cat to paw
  3. Tips for educating a cat

How do I teach a cat tricks?

The tricks you can teach your cat depend on the animal's ability to learn and your patience and perseverance to teach it what you want it to know how to do, so don't think that only dogs are capable of following orders because cats too they have that ability, in addition to being very intelligent and enjoying interacting with their human companions.

However, it is true that teaching tricks to a cat is more difficult than to a dog but with these indications that we give you below and using positive reinforcement, the task will be much easier. The tricks most taught to cats are paw, sit, or roll over, but they are also capable of learning other things such as learning to use the toilet or learning its name.

First of all, you have to know that the ideal time to teach a command to a feline is when be active And never when he is asleep, sleepy or tired, because if you have to wake him up or encourage him to play with you, you will never get good results. It is also recommended that the training session be carried out before your meal time, so that your pet comes hungry and the snacks that you use as a reward to reward him attract more attention. To do this, use cat treats, snacks or canned food that you know she loves.

Likewise, it is convenient that the orders that you are going to teach your cat are simple and within their possibilities, since logically we all have our limitations and the kittens are no less. If you use always the same word Associated with the same command you will get better results such as "say hello ", "hello ", "paw " or "give me the paw ".

Finally, it is advisable to use in addition to the treats for cats, a clicker as a secondary conditioned reinforcement in training. The clicker is a small device that emits a characteristic sound and is normally used to teach commands to dogs but can also be used with other animals.

Teach my cat to paw

To teach your cat to paw step by step, follow these instructions:

  1. Try to place yourself somewhere open and without distractions to start the training session.
  2. If your kitty knows how to sit, give her that command first. If not, you can always give it a little touch by pushing the lower part of the spine down so that it sits on the ground..
  3. Now give him the command "" say hello ", " hello ", " paw ", " give me the paw "or the one you want to use to achieve this trick, at the same time as you offer your hand to your feline palm up.
  4. Wait for your pet to put his paw on you and when he does, give him a treat as a reward to reward him.
  5. If it doesn't put its paw on your palm, take it for a few moments and place it in your hand. Then give him a treat and so the cat will begin to associate that gesture with a prize.
  6. Repeat this a few times no more than 10 minutes a day.

At first your cat will not understand what you want him to do but after a few training sessions he will know that if he puts his paw on your hand there will be a reward. So over time, you will be able to eliminate the rewards and give the order at any time without having to always reward him with food, but with pampering, caresses and praise, so that the kitten feels fulfilled. Of course, do not think about doing this at first while he is learning the trick of giving the leg because then you can create confusion..

Tips for educating a cat

Just as each person is different, so are animals and each of them has a different learning capacity So if your cat finds it more or less difficult to learn an order than the neighbor's cat, do not worry or bother because everything takes its process and in the end you will surely get it, yes, always with a lot of patience and perseverance and repeating the training regularly so that the animal remains motivated and does not forget what it has learned.

Remember not to get angry or scold your cat when he is learning to paw because the only thing that you will achieve with that is that it is a negative experience for him, instead of provide you with a fun playtime and animated with his human friend, which is what it's really about.

Finally, you have to know that the sooner you start teaching tricks to your cat, the better because when they are small it is when they are more soaked in the world around them and have more capacity for learning, as happens with human babies..

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