How to choose a puppy from a litter?

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Few moments are as magical and emotional as when a human family decides to adopt a puppy and is directed precisely to choose the dog that will become another member of the household..

¿Has anyone seen a puppy that is not extremely cute and adorable? This is practically impossible and when we are in front of a litter it is very common to momentarily feel the desire to welcome all the puppies in front of us, although obviously, in most cases it is not possible..

Choosing the dog that will become part of your family is not usually an easy process, so in the following Animal Expert article we show you how to choose a puppy from a litter.

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  1. Evaluate the physical and psychological health of the puppy
  2. Let the puppy come to you
  3. Take enough time with each puppy

Evaluate the physical and psychological health of the puppy

Any puppy deserves all the love and all the necessary care from the family that decides to adopt him, also those puppies that show signs of disease, however, if you choose a sick dog you must also accept responsibility which will mean being able to provide you with an optimal quality of life. Therefore, it is important that you know what are the signs that indicate that a puppy is healthy:

  • It should be a puppy that reacts quickly to stimuli, is playful and shows no signs of pain when walking or moving..
  • It must be similar in size to its siblings, not underweight and not overweight.
  • The gums must be pink, the teeth white, the eyes bright and the coat must be observed in good condition, without alopecic areas or that show lesions.
  • No deviation should be observed in the legs, but they must be parallel.
  • The abdomen should not be seen to be distended unless the puppy has finished eating.

Obviously, before adopting the puppy, the ideal thing is that it has been dewormed and has received the first mandatory vaccinations, if so, you must confirm this information with the corresponding veterinary certificate that will be offered by the responsible owner, the animal shelter or the place you have chosen to adopt your puppy.

Apart from everything previously mentioned, it is essential that the puppy has reached the optimal age to be separated from its mother. If you notice that the puppy is excessively small, it may not be the right time to take him as this can lead to problems related to his physical or psychological development.

Remember that there are many people who breed dogs illegally or who do not have a hygienic and appropriate place for it. If you observe this type of situation, do not hesitate, report it to the relevant authorities.

Let the puppy come to you

It is assumed that the human family chooses the puppy, ¿but you know that this choice can be reversed and that it is the puppy who chooses that he wants to be with you?

Obviously, to let the puppy come to you, you must maintain a safe distance from the litter, you cannot completely get away from it, but being in the middle of all the puppies would be counterproductive, since it would be very easy to interpret that all puppies want to be with you.

Leaving distance between you and the litter and simply observing the puppies sooner or later one of them will approach you and start interacting with you. When this happens, there is usually a very magical connection between the dog and the person, but although it is strange, it is also possible that the puppy that you have chosen is not the one with which you feel most comfortable, in this case, it should be changed strategy.

Take enough time with each puppy

If the puppy that has chosen you is not the one that you would have chosen, it is time for you to take some time with each puppy, observing and interacting with him, you should know that the puppy you choose must show itself receptive to your stimuli, both of you should feel comfortable with each other, this is a priority.

By reserving time for each puppy, you will be able to determine very easily which is the best puppy for you, you will face the great challenge of fulfilling the responsibility inherent in adopting a puppy, but you will have gained a lot, a companion with whom you feel comfortable. taste and that he is happy when he is with you.

If you still don't know how to choose a puppy from a litter, consult with the person What is he offering you to explain how is each one of them in the day to dayWhich one is more intelligent, if one of them is especially active or if one of them stands out for being very affectionate. Draw your own conclusions and ask yourself if any of these characteristics attract you or can adapt to your rhythm of life.

Once chosen, you must take into account the care of puppy dogs, as well as everything that they will have to learn during the next months of life.

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