How to differentiate a male from a female guinea pig?

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¿How to tell if a guinea pig is male or female? Without a doubt, this is one of the first questions that arise when we decide to adopt an animal like this, especially if we already live with a specimen and want to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Guinea pigs, also known as whose or guinea pigs, reach sexual maturity very quickly and are immediately receptive to mating, so a timely separation is more than convenient. In this sense, it is also worth taking into account the option of sterilizing the animal.

Keep reading and discover in this AnimalWised article the main differences between male and female guinea pigs to learn to identify the sex of yours.

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  1. At what age can you tell if a guinea pig is male or female?
  2. How to catch a guinea pig correctly?
  3. How to know if my guinea pig is male?
  4. How to know if my guinea pig is female?
  5. When to separate a male guinea pig from a female?

At what age can you tell if a guinea pig is male or female?

Distinguishing a male guinea pig from a female is not a task that can be carried out as soon as the animal is born due to the small size of its body, so it is essential to wait some time to proceed to examine its genitals. Usually, from two weeks of life, which is when weaning usually also occurs, we can already observe differences between the sexes with the naked eye. However, being still very small, it should be noted that a wrong conclusion is usually common when you are not an expert, since not all animals develop equally or at the same time. Even people who are dedicated to their care and raising can make an early identification mistake, so if you have just adopted a baby guinea pig and are not clear about its sex, the most appropriate is go to a vet for this, especially if you already live with an adult female guinea pig and want to avoid a possible pregnancy.

¿When they reach sexual maturity?

The females usually reach sexual maturity between three and five weeks of life, while the males may take one or two more weeks, the common average being between four and six weeks after birth. However, the fact that they have reached sexual maturity and, therefore, their genitalia are developed, does not mean that it is advisable to reproduce them at this time. Experts recommend waiting until males are around two months old and females five months to reproduce..

How to catch a guinea pig correctly?

To proceed to identify if a guinea pig is male or female, we must take it very carefully and place it on its back, always ensuring that it is comfortable, relaxed and safe. We will never force the animal to be in an uncomfortable position for it, since we would generate a state of stress and cause it to relate our presence to negative situations and stimuli. Thus, the first thing we have to learn is to deal with our new partner and to catch him correctly. For this, the ideal is accustom the animal to contact from the first moment, letting it smell our hands, lean on them and even climb on top. During the first few encounters, we will not try to lift the animal or pressure it, we will simply limit ourselves to gaining its trust.

During the process, we will relate our presence and human contact with positive stimuli, such as your favorite food. Likewise, as the animal gets used to it, we can begin to caress it, pick it up lightly by resting a hand on its posterior region and, little by little, lift it with our hands, maintaining its safe position. Once we have earned their trust and the guinea pig feels completely safe in our hands and arms, ¿how we place her on her back to examine her genitals?

To observe the intimate area of ​​the animal we will not turn it around completely, leaving his back resting on our lap, but we will adopt a rather vertical posture with a diagonal tendency. In this way, perhaps the most appropriate thing will be to have the help of another person to see carefully if the guinea pig is male or female. On the other hand, we will never catch the guinea pig by the neck or by the armpits. Then you wonder, ¿how do we endure it? With one hand, we will take the posterior region, while with the other we will hold the upper part, placing the front legs inside the hand, and not outside.

How to know if my guinea pig is male?

If you have not been able to find someone to help you identify if your guinea pig is male or female, follow the instructions above to catch the animal but place it in front of you so that it is easier for you to see it. If you notice that picking up he gets nervous, the best thing is that you are the one who is at his height, placing him on the sofa for example. Once you have found the right posture for both of you, you should proceed to examine their genitals..

All guinea pigs, both male and female, have mammae and the "Y " shaped genitalia. However, males tend to have as a point above, or small lump, showing something more like an "i ". That point, it is nothing other than the penis, and to be completely sure that it is, we can press lightly with the thumb on the reproductive system. In doing so, the penis tends to come out without difficulty to show itself clearly.

From about two months of age, the testicles can also be seen, a fact that further demonstrates their gender.

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How to know if my guinea pig is female?

Females, unlike males, they only show a "Y " on their genitals. In this way, when performing the previous pressure exercise, we see how no change is developed in its reproductive system, thus confirming that it is a female guinea pig.

As we said in the previous section, both sexes have breasts, so this is not a distinguishing feature or characteristic of females. So, if you observe them, you should not assume that your guinea pig is a female..

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When to separate a male guinea pig from a female?

To avoid unwanted pregnancies, as guinea pigs are very precocious and premature animals, it is best to separate them after weaning, that is,, from two or three weeks of life. This is so because some specimens tend to develop before the months indicated above and, therefore, to be receptive for reproduction..

Now that you know how to differentiate a male from a female guinea pig and when to proceed to separate them, ¡do not forget to consult all our articles on guinea pigs to offer your little friend the best care! Some of them are:

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