How do you show a dog that you love him?

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¿Have you ever wondered how to know if your dog loves you? It is common for us to question whether our dogs love us, to the point of delving deeper into canine language and discovering how our beloved dogs manifest affective behaviors. However, it may happen that we forget when evaluating how our furry ones perceive how much we love them and how important they are to us..

¿Have you ever wondered how you can thank and return the unconditional love that your furry gives you? In this AnimalWised article we tell you How to show a dog that you love him with 7 key tips to improve the bond with your best friend. ¡You can not lose this!

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  1. Dedicate yourself to getting to know it
  2. Teaching is also caring
  3. Learn to say I love you in doggy language
  4. Invest in quality moments with your dog
  5. Prepare her favorite food
  6. Pamper it with conscience
  7. Respect your dog and its nature

1. Dedicate yourself to getting to know it

Although dogs may be aesthetically similar due to their genetic inheritance and the standardization of dog breeds, each dog is a singular individual. Your furry one has a personality of its own, formed from its great sensitivity and remarkable intelligence. If you miss the opportunity to meet him, you will never realize that he is a unique being.

To start getting to know your best friend better, study his body language and try to understand the things that he likes, the things that make him tense, and the things that give him a sense of peace. Observe their postures in the face of different stimuli in their environment and also when listening to your voice. You will see that your dog he talks with his whole body same without emitting any sound. Take your time to accompany their growth and allow yourself to dazzle with the evolution of their body and mind.

The habit of accompany the routine of your dog will allow you not only to enjoy and surprise yourself with his abilities, but also to quickly identify any changes in his appearance or behavior. This is essential to quickly go to the trusted veterinarian in the face of any anomalous observation, and favor an early diagnosis..

2. Teaching is also caring

The education of a dog it is a fundamental aspect of a physically and mentally healthy life. Dogs are very intelligent animals and have a lot of energy that must be channeled so as not to become tension and generate negative symptoms in their body.

Initiation to basic training is the best exercise for stimulate the body and mind of your best friend. On the other hand, socialization is essential to teach them how to interact with people, with other animals, with their toys and respect their own home..

Therefore, we recommend dedicate between 10 and 15 minutes of your day to start teaching basic canine obedience commands to your dog. It is important to keep a record and practice daily to promote the full absorption of each command, one by one. Remember to use the positive reinforcement to reward each good attitude of your dog and stimulate his cognitive ability.

3. Learn to say I love you in doggy language

While barking is a very important canine expression, your best friend use your whole body and their facial expressions to speak to you all the time, and they won't necessarily make sounds. They also use pheromones to communicate that you are not able to perceive. Its tail, its ears, its legs, its eyes, and its entire body express its emotions, desires, fears, moods and thoughts..

Dogs show their affection with many attitudes, for example following you around the home, paying attention to you, obeying your requests, or simply enjoying a rich nap with you. If you dare to learn a little more about his body language, you will learn many ways to say "I love you " in their language.

If you like to sleep with your dog, for example, you should know that dogs only have the confidence to relax with those they consider to be part of their family. You can also spend a good time play with your best friend, exercise with it, or just listen to some relaxing music. These are simple, healthy and positive ways to please your dog and convey all your affection.

You must be careful not to get confused with the information available on the net about how to tell your dog that you love him. For example, staring at them does not mean giving them a "canine hug " (as you can read on some sites), but it does convey mistrust or warn them. This is an extra note about 10 things dogs hate about humans, which is why it is highly discouraged that you adopt it in front of your best friend.

To know interpret and respond your body language, you will make your dog feel more secure and self-confident to be understood as part of the family. This helps greatly to improve your best friend's self-esteem and the link between the two. In addition, it will facilitate the recognition of possible symptoms of stress, anxiety or boredom.

4. Invest in quality moments with your dog

We know that the hectic routine of our work days and daily responsibilities do not always allow us to be with our dogs as long as we would like. But what we can do is invest in quality moments with our best friend in free time. Remember that unforgettable moments are those we share with whom we love, no matter where or when.

During the week, try book 30 to 40 minutes to walk with your dog. You will see that physical activity and mental relaxation will come in handy for both. And if you like to exercise, don't miss the opportunity to start a sport with your dog, such as canicross.

You can also have fun with your furry in your own home, proposing games or teaching him some tricks and basic orders of obedience. Already on weekends, you can innovate by making a picnic in family or a fun excursion, to take your furry to discover places and share many adventures with you. And when the long-awaited holidays arrive, you can take the opportunity to travel with your best friend.

5. Make him his favorite food

¿Who doesn't like to be surprised with their favorite dish prepared by a very special person? Well our dogs are no exception… As with us, aromas and flavors awaken in our furry feelings and memories. And as you must have already perceived, your dog has a remarkable appetite..

Take advantage of a day when you are more relaxed and have more time to prepare a delicious homemade meal and surprise your best friend with his favorite dishes. You can learn about our recipes for cakes, cookies or ice cream, all specially made for the canine appetite. You will realize that appetite and love always walk side by side.

6. Pamper him conscientiously

Pampering a dog is a clear and effective way to show the affection we feel. But we must understand that not all our displays of affection are comfortable for our best friends. Most dogs don't like when we hug them, for example.

In addition, it is important to exercise moderation when pampering a dog so as not to overprotect them and favor possessive behaviors. Give love to our best friend it does not mean allowing him everything or neglecting his education. Overprotection is dangerous and detrimental to the health of all animals. The dog must have the freedom to express itself and feel happy, but it must also learn to respect the rules of coexistence to avoid behavioral problems and domestic accidents.

7. Respect your dog and his nature

Today, many people they confuse loving and caring well of a pet with treating them like people or babies. We must understand that a dog is a dog and should be treated as such. And this does not mean that they are more or less than human beings. It simply means that the canine nature is different from the human and deserves to be respected in its unique aspects and its own needs..

By treating a dog as if it were a human being, we make a serious mistake, we stop respecting its nature and almost always relapse into overprotection. Many owners scold their dogs by observing certain instinctive behaviors that are inherent in their canine nature. Under these circumstances, they are not educating but repressing the purest expression of a dog's personality. Learn to love your dog for who he is, respecting his way of being and his own language.

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